Ontario Provincial Equivalents

Note: Only Grade 12 U/M subjects or equivalent will be accepted

Alberta / NWT / Nunavut Ontario Grade 12 University Prep
English English Language Arts (ELA) 30-1 One of English (ENG4U) or Studies in Literature (ETS4U)
Humanities / Social Sciences Social Studies 30-1, Aboriginal Studies 30 One of Canada: History, Identity and Culture (CHI4U) or World History: The West and the World (CHY4U)
Language other than English French, Extended French, French Immersion or French 4U levels, any Native Language level 3, any Classical Language level 3, any International Language LBADU-LYXDU
Additional Humanities / Social Sciences Canadian and World Issues (CGW4U), World Geography (CGU4U), Classical Civilizations (LVV4U), Indigenous Governance in Canada (NDG4M), Contemporary Indigenous Issues (NDW4M); Economics (CIA4U); Philosophy (HZT4U); Politics (CPW4U); Canadian and International Law (CLN4U); Studies in Literature (ETS4U); The Writer's Craft (EWC4U); Interdisciplinary Studies (IDC4U); Spatial Technologies (CGO4M); Challenge and Change in Society (HSB4U), Equity and Social Justice (HSE4M); World Cultures (HSC4M); Families in Canada
Fine Arts Drama 30 Dramatic Arts (ADA4M), Acting (ADG4M) or Production (ADD4M)
Art 30, Art 31 Visual Arts (AVI4M), Illustration (AWK4M), Painting (AWN4M), Photography (AWQ4M), Applied Design (AWD4M), Crafts
Music 30 (Choral), Music 30 (Gen) or Music 30 (Instr) Music (AMU4M), Repertoire (AMR4M), Strings (AMS4M), Guitar (AMG4M), Stage Band (AMH4M), Instrumental Band (AMI4M) or Vocal/Choral (AMV4M)
Additional Fine Arts subjects Dance (ACT4M), Dance Performance (ATP4M) or Communications Technology (TGJ4M)
Pure Sciences Biology 30 Biology (SBI4U)
Chemistry 30 Chemistry (SCH4U)
Physics 30 Physics (SPH4U)
Mathematics Mathematics 30-1 Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
Mathematics 30-2 Math of Data Management (MDM4U)*
Calculus Mathematics 31 (Calculus) Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U)
Computing Science Computing Science-Advanced Level CTS (5 credits) Computer Studies (ICS4U)
Other Sciences / Mathematics Science 30 Earth and Space Science (SES4U), Science (SNC4M)
Physical Education Physical Education 30, Recreation Leadership Adv CTS (REC ADV) Exercise Science Gr 12 (PSE4U), Kinesiology: Intro to Exer Science (PSK4U), P H ED Bio Scientific Perspective (PPBOA), Physical Education (Coed) (PED4G1)
* May not be presented for admission together with Advanced Functions (MHF4U).