Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Value: Up to $2,500

This scholarship was named in honour of Alexander Rutherford, who had the distinction of being Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education. He was known for his strong support of public education, particularly the University of Alberta and his active involvement in community affairs.

The award recognizes and rewards academic achievement of senior high school students and encourages them to pursue post-secondary studies.

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To receive this scholarship, you must also meet all of these eligibility criteria:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen, a Permanent Resident of Canada or Protected Person under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, (Visa students are not eligible). 
  • Be an Alberta resident, and to be considered an Alberta resident the following conditions must apply:
    • one parent or legal guardian must have maintained permanent residence in Canada for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the applicant commencing a program of study;
    • applicant has maintained permanent residence in Alberta at least 12-months prior to commencing a program of study;
    • applicant is not eligible to receive a scholarship with respect to any grade unless the applicant or the applicant's parent(s)/legal guardian were a resident in Alberta throughout the whole of that grade. 
  • Have completed high school on or after September 30, 1980.
  • Be enrolled in a full course load in a designated post-secondary or an apprenticeship program of at least one semester in length.

You may only be awarded the Alexander Rutherford scholarship once.

How to Apply

Apply once your official high school transcript marks are available and when you are enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies. Requirements for high school transcript marks will vary.

For more information and to submit an application, visit Alberta Student Aid directly. 

Once you have applied, you can check the status of your application on your Alberta Student Aid portal.


A student must have a minimum combined average based on five designated courses in at least one grade. Grade 10, 11 or 12 as calculated from:

  • Alberta Residents
    Courses/marks on an official Alberta Transcript of High School Achievement
  • Completed High School Outside Alberta
    Courses/marks that appear on an official high school transcript attained in another province

You may only be awarded the Alexander Rutherford scholarship once. Once your enrolment or attendance has been confirmed by your post-secondary institution, Alberta Student Aid will mail a cheque to you within one month.

Frequently Asked Questions

The status of my application shows that it is waiting for the institution to confirm my enrolment. What does this mean?
Once you have submitted your application for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, the status of your application will change to indicate that institution approval is required. Alberta Student Aid sends confirmation of enrolment requests to the University of Alberta on a regular basis throughout the academic year.
How long does it take to confirm my enrolment and get my money?
Typically, confirmation of enrolment requests are sent from Alberta Student Aid approximately 1-4 weeks after you have applied for the Rutherford Scholarship. Once the request has been received, it can take up to two weeks for your enrollment to be confirmed. After your enrolment has been confirmed, Alberta Student Aid will be notified and a cheque will be mailed to the home address on your student aid portal within 2-4 weeks. It is important to note that Rutherford Scholarship funds typically will not arrive in time for the Fall tuition deadline so we advise that you make alternate payment arrangements.
I need to make changes to my application. What should I do?
You can make changes to your application or Alberta Student Aid account by logging into your application through your Alberta Student Aid portal or contacting them directly at 1-855-606-2096.
Why can’t I see my Rutherford Scholarship in my Bear Tracks account?
Your Rutherford Scholarship will not appear anywhere on your Bear Tracks account as it is administered through Alberta Student Aid. You can view your record by logging into your Student Aid Portal.