Loran Award

Value: $100,000 over four years

The Loran Scholars Foundation offers Canada’s largest and most comprehensive four-year undergraduate award, and is offered to young Canadians on the basis of character, service and the promise of leadership. This program values integrity, courage, grit and personal autonomy as indicators of overall potential rather than standard academic measures.

The U of A is a great choice for Loran Scholars - we offer the kind of well-rounded interdisciplinary environment where you can be challenged and thrive!

Renewable for up to four years, with a total value of $100,000, each Loran Award includes:

  • An annual stipend of $10,000
  • A matching tuition waiver from one of 25 partner universities
  • Personal mentorship from a Canadian leader
  • Access to the Loran network and up to $10,000 in funding for summer internships in three different sectors
  • An orientation expedition through Algonquin Park
  • Annual retreats and scholar gatherings

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This award is open to Canadian high school students who:

  • are in their final year of uninterrupted full-time studies in high school;
  • present a minimum cumulative average of 85%;
  • hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status;
  • are at least 16 years of age by September 1st of the following year.

Students who graduated in 2020 and are currently taking a gap year are also eligible to apply.

How to Apply

Students applying for the Loran Award may do so independently, or with the sponsorship of their high school. 

Sponsored Applications

Deadline: TBC (please check the Loran Scholar Foundation website for updated information)

A sponsored application is one that is nominated by the school.

Each Canadian high school may sponsor applications for up to three students. Please contact your guidance counsellor, teacher or school administrator to learn about the sponsorship selection process at your school. Your school contact will need to complete a short online sponsorship form before the deadline, and they will receive the link to complete this form once your application and your reference letter are finalized.

Shortlisted candidates (semi-finalists) will be invited to attend interviews in their region or province. These interviews are an opportunity for semi-finalists to connect with one another, meet the local leaders who serve as regional interviewers and gain valuable interview experience.

After regional interviews, outstanding semi-finalists will be invited to attend national selections in Toronto in February. Provincial awards ($2,000 each) and honour citations are also granted to semi-finalists who distinguish themselves at the regional level.

Direct Pool Applications

Deadline: TBC (please check the Loran Scholar Foundation website for updated information)

A direct pool application is one that is submitted without school sponsorship. There is no limit to the number of direct pool applicants from a single school.

Shortlisted candidates (semi-finalists) will participate in videoconference interviews with the selection committee. From these interviews, the committee invites outstanding semi-finalists to attend national selections in Toronto. They also grant provincial awards to semi-finalists who distinguish themselves during direct pool interviews.

Students are encouraged to seek sponsorship, where possible, for the chance to participate in regional interviews. However, Loran Scholars may be selected through both application pools.