Research Projects

The Faculty of ALES hosts several research projects that bring together several faculty members. These research projects often involve research partners from other faculties and institutions around the world.

Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program
Agri-Food Discovery Place
Alberta Centre for Reclamation and Restoration Ecology (ACRRE)
Biorefining Conversions Network
Farm Level
Human Nutrition Research Unit
Livestock Gentec
Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases Laboratory
Mixedwood Growth Model
PANDA Research Project
Rangeland Research Institute
Research on Aging, Policies and Practice
Southern Rockies Watershed Project
SWAMP Laboratory
The Breton Plots
The Canadian BEACONs Project
The Ecosys Modelling Project
The Natural Resources Analytical Laboratory
The Water Resources Group
Western Boreal Growth and Yield Association
Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science

Areas of Research

Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science

Animal Science
Food Science
Human Nutrition
Plant Biosystems

Human Ecology

Children, Youth & Families
Material Culture Studies
Textile and Apparel Science

Renewable Resources

Agriculture and the Environment
Conservation Biology
Environmental Soil Science
Forest Ecology and Management
Reclamation and Restoration of Land and Water

Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

Environmental and Resource Economics
Economics of Agriculture, Food & Agribusiness
Environmental and Resource Sociology
International Development

Facilities Networks, Centres and Institutes