Research Chairs

Canada Research Chairs

Lingyun Chen, CRC in Plant Protein Structure Function and Neutraceutical Delivery

Michael Gänzle, CRC in Food Microbiology and Probiotics

Ben Willing, CRC in Metabolism and Nutrition

Fangliang He, CRC in Biodiversity and Landscape Modeling

Campus Alberta Innovation Program Chairs

David Olefeldt, CAIP Chair for Watershed Management and Wetland Restoration

Carla Prado, CAIP Chair for Nutrition, Food and Health

NSERC Industrial Chairs

Simon Landhausser, NSERC/Capital Power/Oilsands Industrial Research Chair in Forest Land Management

Justine Karst - NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Terrestrial Restoration Ecology

Barb Thomas - NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Tree Improvement

Other Chairs

Edward Bork, Mattheis Chair in Rangeland Ecology and Management

Ellen Goddard, Chair in Agricultural Marketing and Business

William Shotyk, Bocock Chair in Agriculture and the Environment