Degree Planning

Your Degree:  An Overview

Your degree program has been carefully constructed to provide a balanced education that meets specific competencies.  Each program has a number of required courses, along with a range of course options that allow you choose the subject matter that you are most interested in.  There are important planning tools that you should use when selecting your courses.


Your checksheet lists all the courses that you need to take to meet your degree requirements. To avoid confusion, we do not post blank checksheets on our website because degree requirements may be different depending on your admission year. Student Services emails you an updated checksheet each year to help you track your progress. ALES Students are encouraged to follow their program checksheet to ensure they are meeting their degree requirements. Student checksheets are updated by advisors upon request through this form, which also provides helpful tips for how to perform a self-check..  

Approved Program Electives (APEs):

Approved Program Electives are courses that build on the requirements of a major and allow some customization of the learning experience.

Academic Integrity

ALES students are expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity.  Learn more about how to meet these standards and avoid cheating and plagiarism.

Undergraduate Appeal Procedures

Learn about how students can appeal academic decisions. 


Student Services welcomes questions and inquiries about your academic program and your general wellbeing.  We are here to help!  

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