Experiential Learning and Study Abroad

Enrich your education with exciting learning opportunities that take you out of the classroom and across the globe. ALES offers integrated experiential learning courses for hands-on learning close to home, and partnerships and exchanges with Universities all over the world.  

people in a canola field

Experiential Learning, Internships and Careers

Experiential learning opportunities are critical to providing students with a well-rounded education. At ALES, we offer field schools, internships, practicums, community-service learning, and other initiatives that allow students to apply classroom learning to real-world situations. Learn more about the many opportunities that are available. 


Study Abroad

Embark on an exciting study abroad adventure where new places, cultures, and friends await. Gain a global perspective while earning university credit. Develop valuable skills such as intercultural communication, foreign languages, adaptability, and problem solving. It's a transformative journey that expands your horizons and shapes your future. The world becomes your classroom, and each experience is a stepping-stone to personal and academic growth.