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Supporting research in human nutrition is support for better health outcomes in people around the world.

The University of Alberta’s Human Nutrition Research Unit (HNRU) is a world-class nutrition research centre at the forefront of nutritional assessment and clinical nutrition research. As one of the best facilities in Canada for energy metabolism and body composition assessments, the HNRU provides public access to its cutting-edge technology so that many can benefit from precise reports on their body composition. The centre hosts a number of clinical trials on populations with various health conditions including cancer, diabetes, celiac disease and polycystic ovarian syndrome, among many others, to help improve the lives of these individuals.

Recently, a group of researchers working out of the HNRU created The High Protein Cookbook for Muscle Health During Cancer Treatment, which can be viewed online and downloaded for free. A number of copies of the cookbook have been printed and distributed for free due to generous support from individuals like you!

A gift to the Human Nutrition Research Unit will allow researchers to continue providing resources to members of the public to arm themselves with the knowledge that will help improve their daily lives.

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If you require more information about how to support the Human Nutrition Research Unit please contact us at 780.492.0102 or email