The Forestry Field School

photo John Ulan

The Department of Renewable Resources offers two experiential field schools for our students in Spring and Fall terms.

Fall Field School (FFS)

A 6-day long course offered for first-year Forestry and Forest Business Management students. It exposes students to the broad field of forestry through experiential learning. As we travel through the forest areas of west central and northern Alberta, students learn about forest plants, animals and ecology, field operations including harvesting and silviculture, forest protection and visit manufacturing facilities. Basic field skills are also taught. Students meet forest practitioners and professionals, many of whom are former University of Alberta Forestry graduates. Students also get to know their "cohort" of students and are well prepared for their classes that start very soon after FFS finishes.

Spring Field School (SFS)

A 3-week course taken by all students in our Forestry and Environmental and Conservation Sciences programs after completion of their second year. This immersive program allows students from multiple majors/programs to learn field skills in a variety of areas and interact to solve current and future landscape management issues.



Forestry field school gets a makeover for a growing industry
Vital learning experience — a rite of passage for the past 50 years — reimagined for safety and sustainability.

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