Renewable Resources Field School

The Department of Renewable Resources offers two experiential field opportunities for our students in the summer term.

Field School by Amanda Kelley

Photo courtesy of Amanda Kelley

Introductory Forestry Field School

Join other first-year forestry and forest business management students in late August for this six-day long course that will introduce you to the broad field of forestry through experiential learning. We’ll travel through the forested areas of west-central and northern Alberta to learn about forest plants, animals and ecology, field operations — including harvesting and silviculture — forest protection and we’ll visit manufacturing facilities. You’ll also learn basic field skills. 

This course will give you the chance to meet forest practitioners and professionals, many of whom have participated in field school themselves! You’ll also get to know your “cohort” of students so that you’ll be well prepared for your classes that begin after your introduction to field school experience

Field Skills in Environmental, Conservation and Forest Sciences

Spend 10 days taking different trips with your fellow forestry and environmental and conservation sciences students around the Edmonton area. After completing your second year, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in this immersive program to learn field skills in a variety of areas and to help solve current and future landscape management issues. 

During these trips, you’ll apply the academic knowledge you’ve gained in the first two years of your program in practical and experiential environments. 

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