Shakespeare's Dog

Shakespeare's Dog

By Rick Chafe
Adapted From The Novel By Leon Rooke

February 7 - 15, 2020
Timms Centre For The Arts

All performances start at 7:30 p.m.
Preview February 6
No show February 9
Matinee February 13 at 12:30 p.m.

In this rollicking comedy, the story of how young Shakespeare became the world's most famous playwright is told through the eyes of an unusual muse: his dog, Hooker. With four legs, a sharp tongue and a keen eye, Hooker traces the events and unpredictable creatures of the ever-changing Elizabethan world that shaped the young Bard's rise to fame.

  • 1. Cast

    Hooker Braden Butler
    Mam, Rose Cawdrey Christina Nguyen
    Mary Shakespeare, Moll Braxton Kaeley Jade Wiebe
    John Shakespeare, villager Sheldon Stockdale
    Joan Shakespeare, Onion, villager Holly Wandler
    Will Shakespeare Kael Wynn
    Anne Hathaway, villager Beverley Rockwell
    Wolf, Davy Jones, Black Shag Jackson Card
    Marr, villager Emily Corcoran
    Terry, villager Meegan Sweet
    Sir Richard, Crazy Ruth, villager Caitlin Kelly


  • 2. Creative Team

    Director Ann Hodges*
    Set Designer Colin Winslow
    Costume and Lighting Designer Camille Paris
    Sound Designer Drew Lekic

    Fight Director Patrick Howarth*
    Vocal Coach Doug Mertz
    Movement Coach Amber Borotsik
    Dramaturgs Charlie Peters
    Minggao Zhang

    Stage Management
    Stage Manager Krystal Johnson
    Assistant Stage Managers Courtney Bettanin
    Galen Hite

    Faculty Advisors
    Design Advisor Lee Livingstone
    Stage Management Advisors John Raymond
    Betty Hushlak

    *The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association under the provision of the Dance-Opera-Theatre Policy.

  • 3. Production Team

    Production Manager Gerry van Hezewyk
    Technical Director Larry Clark
    Assistant Technical Director Micaila Herbold

    Wardrobe Manager Joanna Johnston
    Cutter Julie Davie
    Milliner Karen Kucher

    Master Carpenter Darrell Cooksey
    Scenic Carpenters Rachel Bos
    Ivan Seimens
    Michael Anderson

    Lead Scenic Artist Anita Diaz
    Scenic Artists Michaela Bonato
    Lieke Den Bakker
    Casey Irwin
    Dylan MacKay
    Derek Miiller
    Emma Nokes
    Shella Novakovic-Apostol
    Andraya Rodrigues
    Rebeka Taylor
    Jack Thompson
    Kai Yakichuk

    Properties Master Jane Kline
    Properties Assistant Tiffany Martineau

    Lighting Supervisors Jeff Osterlin
    Matt Koyata
    Lighting Technicians Lieke Den Bakker
    Casey Irwin
    Thomas Johnston
    Dylan MacKay
    Derek Miiller
    Emma Nokes
    Shella Novakovic-Apostol
    Andraya Rodrigues
    Rebeka Taylor
    Kai Yakichuk

    Sound Supervisors Matthew Skopyk
    Nic Juba

    Running Crew
    Lighting Operator Rebecca Cypher
    Sound Operator Hope Docking
    Stage Crew Micaela Herbold

    Special Thanks to:
    Citadel Theatre, Hyperion Hair

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