ALES Internship Program

The Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences (ALES) Internship Program provides U of A students with an excellent opportunity to apply knowledge gained in academic studies to the workplace through a full-time, paid 4, 8, 12 or 16-month internship experience.


Students in the ALES Internship Program have opportunities to work with industry leaders exclusive to the program.

  • Benefits of participating in the program
    1. Gain practical experience and expand contacts in your professional network
    2. Explore future employment opportunities
    3. Identify workplace strengths and opportunities for growth
    4. Develop interpersonal and professional skills
    5. Apply for opportunities open only to those in the ALES internship program
    6. Receive career development support from the U of A Career Centre
    7. Maintain your full-time student status throughout your work term
    8. Earn an income
    9. Get a head start in your career!

Our career development support

The U of A Career Centre offers you career development education designed to guide and support you in applying and interviewing for positions; getting the most out of your work experience; and planning next steps in your career.

In the program, you will receive:

  • notification of all internship opportunities directly to your email
  • career education opportunities offered by the U of A Career Centre
  • access to ALES Internship Program staff who can provide you with information and guidance throughout your work search and internship
  • consistent communication (email, phone check-ins, and site visit) throughout your internship from your ALES Internship Program Coordinator
  • recognition of your internship on your academic transcript


There are no costs to join the ALES internship program, however once you've successfully secured an internship position you will pay tuition and non-instructional fees for one (1) work experience class per 4-month term of your placement. (Spring/Summer term *1 fee index, Fall or Winter terms *9 fee index).

Throughout your placement you will maintain your full-time student status with the University of Alberta.Visit the Registrar's Office website for more information on Work Experience Fees.


Students must:

  • be registered as an undergraduate student in the Faculty of ALES
  • have completed 36 credits (including a minimum of 12 ALES credits)
  • have a minimum cumulative (or on the last 30 credits) GPA of 2.7

Application deadlines

  • May 31 - for students interested in internships starting in September or January
  • September 30 - for students interested in internships starting in January or May
  • January 31 - for students interested in internships starting in May

Applications are accepted throughout the year, although we recommend applying early to avoid missing internship opportunities.

How to apply

Complete application packages must include the following:

  • Cover Letter indicating why you want to participate in the Internship Program; why you feel you would be a good candidate for the Internship Program; how you feel the Internship Program may impact your future career goals; the career, industry or employment sector(s) that you are most interested in; and the skills that you hope to develop during your work experience (1 page Business Format).
  • A copy of your current resume
  • A copy of your unofficial transcript (this can be obtained from Bear Tracks)
Apply Now


The ALES Internship Program is competitive, bringing you knowledgeable and energetic students to fill your short term staffing needs.

All Internship students have completed, at minimum, their second year of study and meet minimum program GPA and pre-requisite course requirements. Our students come from a variety of program backgrounds, bringing a breadth of diversity to your organization.

  • Benefits to your organization
    1. Help to shape your industry's incoming workforce
    2. Preview future graduates and build for the future
    3. Play an essential role in the professional development of a student as they transition to the world of work!

Our recruitment services

All recruitment services for your internship are offered to you by the U of A Career Centre at no cost.

  • We will post your opportunity on our online job board and send a notice out directly to all ALES internship students. We also assist in the collection of applications or coordination of interviews.
  • To bring awareness to your organization and internship opportunities to students, we assist in organizing and inviting potential internship students an employer information session.
  • If after reviewing your applications you aren't able to find a qualified candidate among our internship students, we can open your competition to students outside of the program/faculty to apply, still at no cost.

Internship Requirements

ALES Internship opportunities must:

  • be a consecutive 4, 8, 12, or 16 months of full-time employment
  • begin in either January, May or September
  • be paid at industry standard rates (resources to help determine rate of pay can be provided by the Career Centre on request)
  • be supervised by a professional who is keen to mentor a student
  • be challenging, providing the student with career-related tasks

Get involved

Work experience postings can be submitted at any time of the year, but employers should also take academic and seasonal periods into consideration when planning out their recruitment strategies.

Position start dates are set to begin in January, May or September in order to coincide with the academic calendar and prevent large breaks between the end of the work term and the following semester's classes.

Please email any questions to Opportunities can be posted to the ALES Internship Job Board through our campusBRIDGE portal.



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