International Student Summer Employment Program

The International Student Summer Employment Program (ISSEP) provides a wage subsidy which employers can use to provide full-time undergraduate international students with meaningful employment and experience over the summer. This program helps international students develop their career skills, learn how to navigate the Canadian job market and gain valuable knowledge and competencies which can be applied both in and out of the classroom, better preparing them to transition into the workforce after graduation.

This program posts non-credit job opportunities and is not a formal Co-op or Internship program.

Requirements of all ISSEP positions

  • Students hired must be full-time University of Alberta undergraduate international students.
  • Approved positions will receive a subsidy of $7.00/ hour to a maximum of $4,000/position.
  • Approved positions must comply with Alberta Labour Standards and be hired at Alberta minimum wage or higher.
  • Participating employers must post approved positions on the ISSEP online job board on campusBRIDGE  targeting undergraduate international students. Student applications are collected and vetted for program eligibility and then sent to employers for shortlisting.

Current Government of Canada Guidelines for working on-campus
Current Government of Canada Guidelines for working off-campus

Working in Canada


ISSEP jobs are for the summer term only and are posted on the ISSEP job board on campusBRIDGE  beginning late March. The job board is not visible until that time.


To access the ISSEP job postings on CampusBRIDGE you must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Currently registered full-time in a University of Alberta undergraduate degree program.
  • Must be an undergraduate international student (Permanent Residents, Canadian citizens, exchange students and graduate international students are not eligible to participate in this program).
  • Must have a valid study permit that allows work in Canada.
  • Must have a SIN card or be eligible to get one.
  • Must be taking a scheduled break from classes.
  • Must have been registered as a full-time student in the preceding winter term.
  • Will be returning to school the following academic year in an undergraduate program (Fall Semester).
  • Must be available to work May to August.

In order to be able to view the posted jobs on the ISSEP job board you must have registered for classes in the Fall term following the summer that you intend to work. If you meet all of the above requirements, have registered for Fall classes and you still do not have access to the job postings in early April please email

*No program registration is required.

**International graduate students are not eligible to participate in the ISSEP.

How to Participate

All eligible students can apply for ISSEP positions.


  • Make sure to pay close attention to each job posting’s application instructions. Incomplete or late applications may not be considered.
  • The types of positions and duties are varied; students with a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply.
  • The U of A Career Centre offers resources and consultations for writing resumes and cover letters, and how to prepare for interviews.

The U of A Career Centre also posts new job opportunities each day that are not part of the ISSEP, so also check the campusBRIDGE’s  Student & Alumni job board for other opportunities that might be a good fit for you.

Transitioning to the Canadian Workplace

How you present yourself in the workplace speaks volumes. People often form first impressions about others within seconds of first meeting them therefore it is crucial to ensure that you are properly prepared to present yourself as a professional. Here are some important considerations  to help you make a good impression as you start your new role.


Every winter the International Student Summer Employment Program (ISSEP) accepts subsidy applications from employers looking to hire a student for the summer (May to August) and have that position supplemented under the ISSEP. Approved positions are reimbursed a wage subsidy of $7.00/hour to a maximum of $4000/position.

Application Process and Criteria

Positions must be located within the greater Edmonton, Alberta area.

All applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis and are subject to an approval process based on a number of factors including quality of work experience, potential learning outcomes, number of weeks and hours per week offered. Employers will be notified of the status of their application(s) mid-March. Successful applicants will be provided with further recruiting and administrative information.

Applications should include as much detail as possible about the position summary, duties and career-related skill information. Approved positions must be posted on campusBRIDGE .

Deadlines for positions should be no longer than 2 weeks from the posting date.

  • Hires must be made and signed offer/appointment forms received by ISSEP Program Administration.
  • Reimbursements occur in the Fall after the student has finished working and on receipt of a completed reimbursement form (and other relevant documentation where required) by ISSEP administration.

Employer subsidy applications for Summer 2024 are now closed. Applications for Summer 2025 will open in December 2024.


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