Rebecca Gokiert Awarded McCalla Professorship

We are incredibly proud of Rebecca and her work in creating a mutually beneficial co-learning space for students and community.

04 April 2019

Rebecca Gokiert was recently awarded a 2019 McCalla Professorship. This award supports her work on studying the impact of experiential co-learning as a model for impactful learning for credit and non-credit learners, as well as developing a deep understanding of existing evaluation programs across Canada and the needs of credit and non-credit learners. It will also elaborate on the work she has been doing to develop an innovative suite of evaluation learning opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and professional learners. UEval will run June 3-7 where students will work through case studies (project-based curricula) to develop evaluative responses to community-informed issues. After the completion of the week-long intensive course, students will be required to submit a completed evaluation plan.