All in for Youth year 3 report release

CUP researchers have been documenting the impacts of the All in for Youth initiative to students, teachers, and families for four years. To understand the initiative and its impacts, the year 3 report is now available.

19 May 2020

CUP has been working for the last few years to support the evaluation of the All In for Youth
Initiative (AIFY). This initiative, led by a collaboration of community partners, has been working
hard over the last 4 years to provide collaborative, school-based supports for children, youth,
and families in 5 inner city schools in Edmonton. AIFY has enabled these 5 schools to have
specialized support staff, from community agencies, to become integrated members of the
school communities. These staff work in the schools, many full-time, to support the complex
needs of students and their families. AIFY makes nutrition support, mental health supports,
student support, mentoring support, in-home family support, and out-of-school time support
immediately accessible to students and their families in each of the AIFY schools. The following
evaluation report describes unique characteristics of the AIFY schools, the magnitude and
impacts of the AIFY work, and the dynamics of the collaborative partnership making this work
happen. The evaluation report also presents some of the ways the AIFY partnership are thinking
about the future when it comes to the support and sustainability needed to ensure students
and their families can continue to access the wraparound supports they need to thrive and
achieve success in their lives.

Read the report here