Sign Language Interpreting Services

Central to the philosophy of the Academic Success Centre is the belief that students can achieve their best in an environment that is fully accessible. For students who are deaf or hard of hearing, this means a team approach of service delivery and academic support. You, the student, are the leader of this team and guide its progress.

Type of Interpretation Available

Interpreters at the University of Alberta have the training and ability to match the needs of students, whether they prefer the interpretation to be in American Sign Language or a contact variety sign language.

Interpretation using a range of English-like grammar, initialized signs, etc., can be arranged depending on the preferences of the student. English mouthing is incorporated as requested. For students who have even a rudimentary understanding of sign language, interpreting services have proven to be an effective and highly successful means of gaining communication access to the classroom.

Interpreting services are not limited to the classroom only. Services can be arranged for practicums, work placements, or other campus activities and events, if sufficient notice is provided.

When to arrange Interpreting Services

Coordinating interpreting services requires a great deal of pre-planning.

Deaf and hard of hearing students who are considering coming to the University of Alberta should contact the Accessibility Resources office immediately (in Edmonton or Camrose) to begin discussions about needed services. Students will need to approach their home province government to request the funds necessary to cover the interpreting costs. The Academic Success Centre will provide the needed figures to present to the government officials. All these arrangements, including confirmation of government funding, should be completed several weeks before classes begin, to ensure sufficient time to contract the interpreters.