Learning & Communication Services

Succeeding at university means taking your old skills to a new level. You need to use new techniques to absorb vast quantities of material and engage with complex ideas. And you need to communicate effectively in new academic environments. 

Whether you’re a first-year undergraduate or a seasoned doctoral candidate, the ASC can help you tackle these tasks strategically and confidently.

Learning and Communication Workshops 

We offer short, practical, and accessible group sessions focusing on dozens of learning and communication topics at both the general and graduate levels. They’re free of charge for U of A students.

Individual Consultations 

Want to speak with a professional learning or communication specialist about some aspect of your academic journey? We’re here to help, 12 months per year. Consultations are free of charge for U of A students.

Sessions for Accountability and Study Strategies 

These small-group sessions help you to apply high-impact strategies directly to your coursework, make progress on assignments, and maintain motivation – all with the guidance of a learning specialist. Each group meets weekly throughout the full term and is free for U of A students. Join the group that works best with your schedule!

Resources for Online and Remote Learning 

Looking for help in navigating a course that’s delivered on-line? Check out these modules and other resources.

Fresh Start Program 

The Fresh Start Program provides eligible students the opportunity to regain eligibility for admission to a faculty.