Individual Therapy

Therapy can be helpful for anyone wanting to improve their mental health.

Common reasons to seek help include: anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts, self-esteem, identity concerns, perfectionism, grief and trauma.

Our services are available to all students and are free and confidential.

If you’re interested in therapy, choose one of the two options below to get started.

One-At-A-Time Therapy (OAATT)

  • Provides the fastest access to therapy.
  • OAATT is for you if you have a specific issue or goal and want to get unstuck as quickly as possible.
  • Many students will just need one 75-minute session. Rebook if you need more.

  • Our psychologists and clinical social workers deliver One At A Time Therapy (OAATT).
  • Your therapist will focus on your skills and strengths and help you identify how to move forward in one session.
  • Clients who have used OAATT report high satisfaction and lasting change.

Book an appointment online

  • All appointments are subject to approval based on eligibility.
  • Having technical issues? Try using a computer instead of your phone.

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Short-Term Therapy

  • Provides ongoing therapy within a goal-oriented, short-term model.
  • Short term therapy requires an initial consultation where you share your main reasons for seeking help.
  • An initial consultation can lead to a referral to short term therapy or to other supports and services.

  • Our psychologists and student clinicians deliver short term therapy using various evidenced-based approaches.
  • Your therapist will help you manage ongoing mental health concerns and will work collaboratively with you toward your goals.
  • Sessions are 50-minutes long and you can generally rebook every two weeks within a limited time frame.

Call 780.492.5205 to book an initial consultation.

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Requests for letters of support

CCS cannot provide documentation to support a deferral or withdrawal to first time visitors. Current or ongoing clients may receive documentation under certain extenuating conditions at the discretion of their treatment provider.

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Additional options for therapy

Students also have access to free counselling through their undergraduate or graduate student health plan. The health plans also provide $600-$800 of coverage for psychological services. If you opted out of the student health plan, you likely have coverage through an alternate health plan. For international students living outside of Canada, see what services you can access.




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