Accessing and Booking Multi-faith Spaces

Multi-faith spaces on campus are available through the Chaplains' Association to registered student groups for religious services and meetings. When not booked, these facilities are reserved for quite, personal meditation.

On-Campus Multi-faith Spaces

Chaplains Centre Reception Area (169 HUB Mall)
The Chaplains Centre Reception Area is used as a meeting space for up to twelve people. To book, contact

Interfaith Centre (3-02 SUB)
The Interfaith Centre is used for prayer, meditation, and a meeting space for up to eighty people, and is attached to a kitchen. Book now.

On-Campus Multi-faith Prayer & Meditation Space

Multi-faith Prayer and Meditation Space (172 HUB Mall)
The Multi-Faith Prayer and Meditation Space has been provided by the U of A as an inclusive space for the campus community, with sensitivity to the specific requirements of the diverse faith groups on campus. Although primarily for prayer and meditation, this space is available for conference and dialogue meetings, mentorship of student religious leaders, and spiritually-based engagements that specifically express an interfaith perspective. Book now.

The following four spaces are available for booking:

  • Room 170: small meeting room
  • Room 175: main prayer space
  • Room 176: large multi-purpose room
  • Room 182: main reception area

The Multi-Faith Prayer and Meditation space will be open during regular university hours. When not booked, space will be available for quiet prayer and meditation.

The Interfaith Chaplains' Association will appoint a Chaplain as Scheduler to book the Multi-Faith Prayer and Meditation Space. Bookings will reflect requests by the Registered Religious Student Groups and the Interfaith Chaplains Association at the University of Alberta. The space will be booked on an equitable basis and efforts will be made to accommodate as many groups as possible.

Additional considerations when booking include:

  • Emergencies or crises requiring the use of the space will take priority over scheduled bookings (e.g. university-wide memorials).
  • Multiple bookings of a space are permitted, but no more than an academic term in advance.
  • Bookings are generally limited to two-hour time blocks.

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