Faith Directory

We all have views on what religion and spirituality are and these views are constantly changing, with no two people's views being exactly the same. Some people may view religion and spirituality as being the same thing, while others may view them as very different, with one having more importance than the other. Religion and spirituality are very personal for each individual and as such can be very difficult to define or describe.

For the purposes of our faith directory, we define religion as an organized group of people expressing similar beliefs about a Deity(ies) or Ethic through rituals and life practices, and spirituality as a relationship between a person and a Deity. It would be impossible to cover everything about all religions, so we refer to Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Unitarian Universalism. All of these faiths and spiritualities are represented in the Chaplains' Association. See the First Peoples' House for the Elders associated with Aboriginal Spirituality.

It is important to remember that there is a lot of diversity within each religion and that we cannot assume that we know everything about a person who identifies with a certain religion. There is also prejudice toward and among the different religions, and even within a religion between different groups (called sects or denominations), and not every person agrees with every tenant of their religion (e.g. many non-Christian people celebrate Christmas).

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