Judaism is a monotheistic religion with different sects which believes that:

  • The world was created by a single, all-knowing divinity (YHWH).
  • All things within that world were designed to have meaning and purpose as part of a divine order.
  • The Torah, or commandments, which regulate how humans are to live their lives, is a gift from God so that individuals might live in accordance with God's will.
  • The chosen one, the messiah, has yet to come.

Jewish Chaplain

Jewish Chaplain

Gila Caine

1. Religious Affiliation
2. Educational History
I graduated the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a Master's in Contemporary Judaism and received my Rabbinic ordination at the HUC-JIR’s Israeli program in 2011.
3. Joined the U of A
4. Current Focus at the U of A
Caring for Jewish students and faculty on campus
5. Why I am a Chaplain at the U of A
To bring a Jewish voice and perspective to the U of A's spiritual and cultural life.
6. Other Passions and Interests
Being with my family and friends, reading science fiction (or anything actually...), going to the cinema and walking in Edmonton's river valley.
7. Contact Information

182A HUB Chaplains’ Centre

rabbi@templebethora.org or gila@ualberta.ca