About Us

The Interfaith Chaplains' Association at the University of Alberta is made up of chaplains from a variety of denominations who cooperate with one another to care for the unique needs of the university community. Collectively, chaplains serve the university from the understanding that life, including academic life, is a spiritual journey.

All chaplains at the U of A:

  • are professionally trained and appointed by recognized communities of faith.
  • respect religious liberty and are available for spiritual guidance, care and support to any student, staff, or faculty members, whether or not they identify with a particular faith.
  • offer information and referrals regarding religious groups and activities on campus.
  • offer support during significant rites of passage eg. Weddings, marriage preparation courses and memorial services.
  • create forums for education and dialogue on issues that concern the university community and its role in the global setting.
  • facilitate programs involving worship, discussion groups, public presentations, social occasions, retreats, and volunteer opportunities to bring together faith, life and the university.
  • work with student clubs representing the various faith communities on programs, presentations etc.

Our Objectives

  1. To serve the entire University from the understanding that life, including academic life, is a spiritual journey;
  2. To give formal recognition and accountability to those appointed to serve as chaplains on the campus of the University of Alberta;
  3. To provide a forum for dialogue and mutual support among chaplains of different faiths;
  4. To bring together chaplains to work collaboratively in serving the varied spiritual needs of the University community;
  5. To conduct services of worship and lead the campus community in prayer;
  6. To facilitate interfaith and intercultural dialogue that will contribute to wholesome relationships, unity, and understanding on the campus, while respecting the distinct and unique teachings of the diverse religious traditions;
  7. To act as a theological resource to the University and to encourage thoughtful reflection and dialogue regarding the basis of individual faith and community life;
  8. To act as a resource to the University regarding other faith groups seeking to be active on campus (e.g. religious clubs, denominations, para-church ministries);
  9. To assist the University in relationships with the community in respect to religious matters;
  10. To offer spiritual guidance, care and support to all students and staff;
  11. To foster a sense of community among students and staff;
  12. To partner with the Dean of Students' portfolio in encouraging students to mature into whole and healthy persons.