Events with Alcohol

Student groups are permitted to host events with alcohol on or off-campus at licensed or unlicensed venues. Where your student group chooses to host your event will determine what event requirements your group must meet. 

Groups who choose to host their events with alcohol on campus can host their event in various buildings, atriums, classrooms, and venues. Groups who choose to host their events with alcohol off campus can host their events in restaurants, bars, community halls, and banquets halls.

All events with alcohol have the following requirements: 

  • Primary and Secondary Event Organizers with valid Event Organizer Training. 
  • A Risk Assessment Plan and Emergency Action Plan. These documents are required for high-risk events and help groups prepare for the worst-case scenarios and emergencies. 
  • A copy of the venue booking confirmation. This can be a screenshot, a forwarded email, a formal contract, etc., proving that your group has made contact with the venue for your event and that they know your group will be there. 
  • The start and end time of alcohol service, as well as the end of consumption time (legally required to be at least one hour after the end of service). 
  • A copy of your event advertisement(s), ensuring that there are no U of A logos/trademarks on the advertisements. 
  • A copy of your physical or electronic tickets for the event, including the ticket disclaimer language. For physical tickets, you will need to provide front and back images of the ticket. 
  • Insurance. 

If your student group chooses to host an event with alcohol at an unlicensed location, additional event requirements must be met. These requirements can be found in Event Organizer Training.