Events with Travel

Student Groups travelling out of the city, province, or country to attend an event hosted by someone else (i.e. conference, competition, volunteer work, etc.) are encouraged to complete the BearsDen Event form earlier than the minimum 15 full business day timeline. Travel, especially international travel, is considered a high risk event, and requires coordination and review from multiple offices on campus. Each student group will be required to complete a Risk Assessment Plan and Emergency Action Plan for their event submission. These are required for all events involving alcohol, travel, or physical activity and prepare you for worst-case scenarios and emergencies. In the event form you will also be asked to upload a copy of the itinerary for your travel, and/or a link to a conference website with more detailed information for your trip.

Before leaving Canada, all travelling students are additionally required to:

More detailed information and resources for travel can be found on the University of Alberta International website.

  • Transportation vs Travel
    Travel is defined as activity occurring outside of the city, province, or country. Typical events involving travel include attendance at conferences or competitions, volunteer trips, or retreats. Transportation refers to more local travel - things involving bus bookings, day trips, travel within Edmonton, public transportation, etc. Events involving transportation may still require additional requirements, and will vary depending on the nature of the event. The SERM Coordinator will let you know of any specific requirements for events involving transportation.
  • Waivers
    Waivers are used to make the participant aware of the possible risks associated with your event, have them take responsibility for their own actions, and assume the risks of any foreseeable or unforeseeable risks that result in injuries or death when they voluntarily participate in a program/events. The SERM Coordinator will issue waivers for your group to administer based on the nature of your travel or transportation activities, and provide them to you via email at the time of your event approval.