Events with Travel

Student groups travelling out of the city, province, or country to attend an event hosted by their own group or by someone else (i.e. conference, competition, volunteer work, etc.) are encouraged to complete the BearsDen event form earlier than the minimum 15 full business day timeline. 

Travel, especially international travel, is a high-risk event and requires coordination and review from multiple offices on campus. Student groups hosting or attending an event involving travel are required to submit the following: 

  • Primary and Secondary Event Organizers. 
  • The dates of the event.
  • Names and contact information for all travellers. 
  • Emergency contact information for travellers (the emergency contact of a traveller cannot be another individual who is also travelling with the group). 
  • Itinerary (Activities, Accommodations, etc.) 
  • Risk Assessment Plan and Emergency Action Plan. These are required for all high-risk events and help groups prepare for worst-case scenarios and emergencies.
  • Waivers and/or Informed Consent Forms signed by all participants. These documents will be created by the Student Life Team to be administered by the student group. 

Each traveller must:

Transportation vs. Travel 

Travel is defined as activity occurring outside of the city, province, or country. Typical events involving travel include attendance at conferences or competitions, volunteer trips, or retreats. 

Transportation refers to local travel - activities involving bus bookings, day trips, travel within Edmonton, public transportation, etc. Events involving transportation may still require additional risk management measures depending on the nature of the event. The Student Life Team will let you know of any specific requirements for events involving transportation.

More information on events with travel can be found in Event Organizer Training.