Take a Break Activities

Unwind and relax with a variety of activities, curated by the Unwind Your Mind team!

Dimensions of Wellness Scavenger Hunt

Want to take a break and learn more about your wellness? Complete a scavenger hunt based on the Dimensions of Wellness! You can choose from an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt, or opt to do both! You can take photos or notes along the way. When you're all done, you can submit a Google form to receive an award (the form will only be open until April 30, but the hunt will continue to be here, it is not necessary to fill out the form!).

Environmental Wellness Break 

Unwind and reconnect to nature with some environmentally friendly crafts or some refreshing study break walk ideas. Use our walking guide as part of the Unwind Your Mind Scavenger Hunt

Encouraging Wellness Notes

We have five encouraging notes for students - one corresponding to each weekday. These notes include inspiring quotes, as well as tips from University of Alberta graduate students on a variety of topics. We hope that these notes will encourage and assist students as they prepare for final exams.

Yoga and Meditation

There are four sections to this resource: 

  1. Meditation and Breathing Apps: Check out a variety of apps to help guide your meditation and breathing practice
  2. Japa Yoga: Learn more about the practice of Japa Yoga, an ancient practice that involves repeating or chanting a mantra 
  3. Online Yoga Classes: Participate in free online yoga classes in the comfort of your own home 
  4. Yoga Poses: Try out a yoga pose to unwind and take a moment for yourself  

Within each section, links to further resources are written in blue. Feel free to check out each section or the one that interests you the most! You can participate in these activities on your own or with friends! 

Please note that the material in this resource is provided solely for general educational and informational purposes and that there are potential risks associated with any physical activity or exercise program. If you have concerns, we recommend that you consult with a medical professional before beginning a physical activity or exercise program. 

Sensory Kits

Sensory kits are a great way to reduce stress, overstimulation, and whirring thoughts. By tuning into your senses instead of your stressors, your body is able to calm down and refocus. Use this guide to build your own personalized sensory kit with common objects you will likely have around the house. Unleash your creativity and feel the stress vanish!