Suicide Prevention Training

Now, more than ever, suicide prevention skills are essential for providing care to one another. In recognition that those around us are often the first to recognize signs of distress and are most likely to be turned to for support first, we are offering free suicide prevention training to all faculty, staff, and students. 

In Question, Persuade, Refer: Suicide Gatekeeper Training (QPR) an accredited training you will learn about suicide, how to approach the topic, how to support those whom they suspect are contemplating taking their own lives, and what resources are available. To register for QPR, please use this link.

In an effort to make suicide prevention training accessible to all of campus and greater Edmonton, the City of Edmonton is also providing the online and asynchronous Living Works: START Suicide Prevention training for free to our community members. If you are interested in registering for LivingWorks, please use this link. It will lead you to the City of Edmonton Registration information.


Employees, Students

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