About Us

The primary function of Student Conduct and Accountability is to carry out the role of Discipline Officer under the Code of Student Behaviour ("the Code"), for both academic and non-academic misconduct.

We receive recommendations:

  • for charges and sanctions under the Code from University of Alberta Protective Services in the case of non-academic misconduct, including Inappropriate Behaviour towards Individual or Groups, Inappropriate Use of University Property and Resources and Other Offences.
  • from Faculty Deans in cases of academic misconduct, including Inappropriate Academic Behaviour and Inappropriate Behaviour in Professional Programs). In the case of academic misconduct, we only receive recommendations for Severe Sanctions, such as suspension or expulsion. All other cases are resolved at the Faculty level.
  • for charges and sanctions under the Code from Unit Directors, for incidents of Inappropriate Use of University Property and Resources.

Our task is to make decisions on two matters: first, whether the alleged activity was a violation of the Code, and second, if we find that it was, what the appropriate sanction(s) would be. In making any decision about sanctions, we must balance the rights of the student under allegation, fairness for the victim(s) of the alleged violation, and the safety and integrity of the community.