Dr. Piet Defraeye

Piet Defraeye: Bashir Lazhar promo

Piet Defraeye with Lin Snelling: Bashir Lazhar (starring Michael Peng)


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Research focuses on Contemporary mise en scène (Quebec and Europe), Comparative Research, Reception Theories and Theatre of Provocation, Cultural Studies.

Primary Teaching Areas

Dramatic Theory and criticism, Performance Studies, Production Dramaturgy, Research Tools, Movement in contemporary theatre, Theatre of Provocation, Irish Theatre, Theatre and film, Brecht, special topics.


Ph.D.(Drama) University of Toronto, 1994.Thesis: Shocking the Audience.
Diploma of Education (Psychology and Pedagogical Studies), University of Louvain (KUL), Belgium, 1981.
M.A. (Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama), University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland, 1980. Thesis: Conor Cruise O'Brien: Drama as Politics as Drama.
Certificate, Instituut voor Theaterwetenschappen, Leuven Belgium, 1979.
Licentiate (MA) (Germanic Philology - English & Dutch Language & Literature), University of Louvain (KUL, 1979). Thesis: Brian Friel: A Modern Irish Playwright.
Candidate (BA) (Germanic Philology), University of Louvain at Kortrijk (KULAK), 1977.

Career Achievements

Professor of Drama, University of Alberta, July 2012.
Associate Professor, University of Alberta, July 1999.
Associate Professor, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB. June 1999.
Assistant Professor, St. Thomas University, September 1995.
Lecturer, English, Dutch, Drama and Philosophy, St. Joseph Normaalschool, Torhout (Belgium), 1981-87.
Teacher of English, St, Jan Berchmans, Oostakker (Belgium) (1981).
Freelance Director.

Major Publications

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Amphitryon. Translation and adaptation of Heinrich von Kleist's version. Performed at the Walterdale Theatre, Edmonton, January 23-February 2, 2002.

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"Theatre (in) New Brunswick," Canadian Theatre Review 93 (Winter 1997): 27-31.

"Les Feluettes, un drame de répétition," co-authored with Marylea Macdonald, Dalhousie French Studies 41 (Winter 1997). (Also published as: Betty Bednarski and Irene Goore (eds.), Nouveaux regards sur le théâtre Québécois Saint Laurent: XYZ, 1997.)

"Three Characters in Search of an Author...The dramatic in Canadian Politics," Canadian Theatre Review, 58 (Spring 1989): 35-37

"Paul de Man," De Standaard der Letteren, cultural supplement of De Standaard November 5, 1988

"Het gebruik van bijenwas in het middeleeuws toneel," Maandblad Vlaamse Imkersbond (October 1988): 381-82


2014: White Bread by and with Mia Van Leeuwen. Carwash Theatre, Antwerp (Belgium), 5 + 6 June 2014. Followed by European Tour. Munich (Germany): Studiobühne (9+10 June), Innsbruck (Austria): Westbahn Theater (11 June), Pozaravac (Serbia): Centar za kultura (19 June), and Beglrade (Serbia): KC Grad (20 June).

2014: Trajet dit . (by Donia Mounsef, with Joelle Prefontaine, Vincent Forcier, and Ian Leung). Part of the Elevator Project and Canoe Festival. Jan 23-Feb 2, 2014. Re-staged for Le Grand Marché des Arts. Edmonton, Cité francophone. Sept. 27+28.

2012: The Voice in the Closet (Raymond Federman, perf. by Gerry Morita, Kristine Nutting, Zachary Polis, and Jake Hastey). Arts Lab Festival, Timms Centre for the Arts, August. Website: https://vimeo.com/64825269

2009-2011: Bashir Lazhar (Evelyne de la Chenelière) Edmonton International Fringe Festival, Munich, Dresden, Innsbruck (2009). Antwerp, Kiev, Edinburgh, Kitchener, Edmonton (2011)

2007: Full Circle (Reigen, Arthur Schnitzler) SPS, Timms, Edmonton. Drama Dept.(Un. of Alberta) Course production.

2005: What Happened When Nora Left Her Husband (Elfriede Jelinek) SPS, Timms, Edmonton. Drama Dept.(Un. of Alberta) Course production.

2002/05: A Constant State of Research - The Abstract (Kristine Nutting), Re-mount of Performance Piece (2000). EACLLS, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), March 2002. Restaged: Centre for Performance Research, Aberystwyth, Wales (UK) April 2005.

2002: Amphitryon (Heinrich von Kleist) (Set Design: Stephen Fouquet) at the Walterdale Theatre, Edmonton (January 23-February 2).

1999: he Kitchen (Arnold Wesker) (Set Design: Patrick Clark, Light Design: Tim Gorman, Assistant Director: Georgia Rondos) at the Black Box Theatre, St. Thomas University, Fredericton. (March 23-28)

1996: Trojan Women (Euripides/Gwendolyn MacEwen) (Costumes: Patrick Clark) at the Black Box Theatre, St. Thomas University, Fredericton. (November 19-23)

1988: My Foot My Tutor (P. Handke) at the Studio Theatre, University of Toronto - Awarded with the Raskis Award for best directed play.


2011: Nomination for Best Actor (for Michael Peng in Bashir Lazhar, The Stage for Excellence Awards, Edinburgh, UK)
2010-11: Guest Professor Toneelwetenschappen, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium.
2010: 3 Sterling Nominations for Bashir Lazhar. Category: Edmonton Fringe Production - Best Direction - Best Main Actor - Best Production.
2008: Graduate Student Association - Academic Staff Award for Teaching and Grad. Supervision.
2007 (May): Guest Professor, Institut für Theaterwissesnchaft, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich.
2005 (May): Guest Professor of Comp. Drama, Institut für Amerikanistik, University of Innsbruck, Austria.
2004: Hon. Mention, Richard Plant Essay Prize (for best paper published in English), Association for Canadian Theatre Research.
2002-03: Guest Professor of English and Drama, Letteren en Wijsbegeerte, University of Louvain at Kortrijk (KULAK), Belgium.
1995: Clifford Leech Prize for doctoral thesis of outstanding merit, Dept. of English, University of Toronto
1988: Raskis Award for best directed play, University of Toronto


Graduate Supervision

Cristian Badiu, PhD
Brianna Wells, PhD (English)
Pony Meyer, PhD (Drama-Phys.Ed)
Nancy Sandercock, MFA (2015)
Vlady Peychoff, Honors (2015)
Lily Climenhaga, MA (2015)
Mia Van Leeuwen, MFA (2014)
Megan Morehouse, MA (2014)
Justine Moelker, MA (2014)
Tara Brodin, MFA (2013)
Karen Van den Keybus (U Antwerpen, MA, 2011)
Kimberley McLeod, MA (2009)
Brian Batchelor, MA (2010)
Janine Plummer, MA (2008)
Nicky Renault, MA (2009)
Dawn Tracey, MA (2007)
Liz Ludwig, MA (2007)
Sam Varteniuk, MA (2005)
Heidi Bickis, MA (2005)
Goesta Struve Dencher, MFA Directing (2005)
Ben Unterman, MA (2004)
Amy Cadman, MA (2004)
Kristine Nutting, MA (2003)
Christopher Grignard, PhD Sup. (2002-04)
James McKinnon, MA (2002)
Erika Norrie, MA Sup. (2000-2001)