Professional Learning

Alberta Principal Certification

As of September 01, 2019, Alberta Education’s Leadership Quality Standard (LQS) is applicable in public, separate, francophone, charter and funded accredited private school authorities. The LQS governs leadership certification and aims to help individuals entering leadership roles in education to have a common level of preparation.

The following two courses meet the academic requirements for principal certification:

EDU 520 Theoretical and Professional Foundations of School Leadership

Explore the foundational dimensions of school leadership including instructional leadership, fostering effective relationships, supporting the application of foundational knowledge about Indigenous Peoples, visionary leadership, leading learning communities, modelling continuous professional learning, developing leadership capacity, understanding the social context influencing schooling, and managing school operations and resources. Note: This course is a partial fulfillment of the academic requirements for school leader certification through Alberta’s Leadership Quality Standard.  (Tuition $1400 + non-instructional fees)

EDU 521 School Leadership: Theory into Practice

Prerequisite: EDU 520

Hone leadership practices grounded in research to demonstrate mastery of Alberta’s Leadership Quality Standard (LQS). Includes a job-embedded learning component in which participants visit, observe, and collaborate with one other school leader or leadership team in a school setting of their choice, in which the Alberta Program of Studies is offered. Completion of this course fulfills the academic requirements for school leader certification through Alberta's Leadership Quality Standard.  (Tuition $1400 + non-instructional fees)

Please note:

  • Only teachers certified in the province of Alberta are eligible for Alberta Principal Certification. 
  • To optimize your learning experience, we recommend that you have a minimum of two years of teaching experience.
  • While aspiring school leaders from other parts of Canada or the world will find value in the courses, the curricular context is Alberta.

These courses can be taken as an open studies student or as an elective in a graduate program. Please check the University Calendar for course schedules or contact our Graduate Administrator for more information.

For more information on principal certification, please review Alberta Education’s Professional Practice Standards.