Course Schedule

Students in these courses are eligible for the Alberta Education Math Bursary Program, an award of $1,000 for those who meet eligibility criteria. Full details are available on the Alberta Education website.

Summer Term

EDU 546 Numeracy across the Curriculum ★3

This course develops concepts of numeracy in content areas across the PreK-12 curriculum. Mathematics, pedagogy and learning are explored through the research and professional literature, experiential learning, and reflection. Course includes cross-curricular mathematical topics.

Fall Term

EDU 547 Perspectives on Mathematics Learners and Learning ★3

Synchronous times: Tuesdays from 5-8 p.m.

Teachers’ implicit assumptions about learning influence their decisions about the tasks chosen, questions asked, tools available, classroom setup, and assessments posed. In this course, teachers will be asked to examine their assumptions about mathematics learning alongside historical and contemporary research and perspectives on learning.

Winter Term

EDU 548 Playful Places of Learning in Mathematics Education ★3

This course will examine and critique the design, implementation, and assessment of places for learning in mathematics education with the intention of bringing forth playful (inter)actions among teachers/learners/mathematics/materiality. Exploration will include the qualities of playful engagement, and characteristics of tasks that encourage play in PreK-12 mathematics classrooms and beyond.

Spring Term

EDU 545 Culturally Responsive/Regenerative Mathematics ★3

This course examines and develops culturally responsive teaching practices and explores regenerative mathematics in PreK-12 mathematics by drawing on perspectives and examples from Indigenous traditions and peoples, wisdom traditions, and mathematics education for social justice.