English Medium Instruction Series

These courses are for you if…
your university or organization wants to improve its students’ experience of learning through English.


The following courses assist university instructors of all subject areas and experience levels to enhance their teaching skill and confidence in implementing English medium instruction methodologies. By the end of the series, EMI participants are able to:

Plan units and lessons that facilitate student learning of course content in English.

Design active learning strategies for engaging students with course content.

Meet the academic and intercultural needs of international students in their classrooms.

Enhance their skill and confidence in spoken and written English, including intelligible pronunciation in English.


Each of EMI’s 14-hour courses is grounded in current English medium instruction theory, and provides participants with opportunities to apply this theory to their classroom practice.

Online or face-to-face delivery

The delivery of EMI courses is customizable to the needs of your instructors. The courses are delivered online to accommodate working professors and reduce travel costs. We also offer a face-to-face or blended-learning format at either the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, or at universities throughout the world.

Our team will work with you to help identify the courses, delivery format, location, program length, and time of year that best suit your instructors’ needs and schedules.

Expected English language proficiency

Participants will benefit most from EMI instruction if they hold a minimum score of TOEFL iBT 53 or IELTS 5.5. English language training is available to participants for an additional cost.

  • CAUCE award for program excellence
  • 12-16 participant class size

4 courses

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Available to group applicants only.

The courses can be taken together as a four-course series, or mixed and matched to create a customized learning experience tailored to the needs of a particular cohort of 12-16 students.

EXELP 5714
Introduction to English Medium Instruction (EMI)
14 hours, online or face-to-face

This course will give participants the theoretical foundation on which to base their understanding and practice of teaching and learning in English medium instruction contexts. Topics will include how students learn; an introduction to the concepts of student-centred learning and active learning; and differences and similarities between teaching and learning in a native language and in English.

EXELP 5706
Instructional Design Basics for Higher Education Contexts
14 hours, online or face-to-face

This course will focus on the components of effective instructional design for the higher education classroom. Using the principles of constructive alignment, participants will gain experience in writing appropriate learning outcomes, designing engaging learning activities and assessing student learning.

EXELP 5713
English for Teaching Purposes
14 hours, online or face-to-face

This course focuses on the specific disciplinary terminology and general academic language necessary for teaching content in EMI contexts. Participants will also be introduced to strategies for assisting their students to learn and use specialized vocabulary in English.

EXELP 5709
Intercultural Dimensions of Teaching and Learning in English Medium Instruction Contexts
14 hours, online or face-to-face

The growing presence of international students in EMI contexts challenges educators to interact effectively with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. This course will help participants to understand the theoretical and practical dimensions of intercultural competence, intercultural pedagogy, and discipline-specific intercultural differences.



Impressive, the quality of the classes and the level of the instructor were outstanding, the activities were very interesting and I liked the group feedback. 

English Medium Instruction student

I learned a lot about instruction methodologies. I have had many questions how to teach in my classes before attending this course. After taking this course, I feel I knew concrete methodologies on teaching or class design. It will help me with preparing for all the future classes I will teach.

English Medium Instruction student

My group consisted of four people. Two teachers from Gifu University and two students from U of A’s Educational Psychology. The group interaction was very meaningful, and we were able to exchange ideas about the difficulties of teaching with diverse faculty and students whose first language is not English, the students’ honest impressions, and ways to facilitate communication.

English Medium Instruction student

I learned a lot about teaching methods, education technologies, and pronunciations. Especially, it is still not common in Japan to use those education technologies, I think they are very useful and helpful for both teachers and students.

English Medium Instruction student

In my university, I did not have the opportunity to learn pedagogically based teaching methods systematically. In this program, I was able to learn how to build a student-centered learning style as well as a teacher-centered learning style. I also learned about the difficulties that non-native English speaking teachers and students face when learning in English, and learned concrete ways to mitigate them and make learning more effective. Finally, by giving a micro-lecture using what I learned, I was able to think about how to incorporate what I learned into my own teaching and get effective advice.

English Medium Instruction student