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Carbon-capturing material invented in Alberta could help industry reduce emissions and costs

Next-generation material offers advantages that could make it work at industrial scale, says U of A engineering researcher.

New mentorship program puts U of A graduates on path to careers in energy sector

A recent PhD grad and a mentor talk about their experiences and the mutual benefits of mentorship

Engineering experts, geothermal company partner on project to produce clean energy using captured carbon

Research in U of A facility and geothermal site could lead to made-in-Alberta solutions to reducing CO2.

Ten-year pipeline research study highlights success of land reclamation efforts

AI-based method speeds discovery of materials that harvest electricity from wasted heat

New materials could harness energy from cellphones or body heat, and make solar and geothermal power generation more efficient.

Geothermal energy could be generated from captured CO2, study shows

Discovery that the technology is viable moves it a step closer to becoming part of a low-carbon economy, says researcher.

Getting involved in research with URI

From solar materials research to distributed energy generation, Future Energy Systems supports young researchers breaking new ground

Renewable Energy Myths, Busted

Coal mining waste material more than 90 per cent effective at removing heavy metal

Nano humus works like a sponge that attaches to and holds cadmium, a common byproduct of mining, U of A research shows.

Hydrogen fuel cells get big boost with Canada-Germany partnership

UofA Engineering professor Marc Secanell one of the lead researchers on NSERC-funded hydrogen technologies initiative

U of A spinoff company could help unlock a lithium industry for Alberta

Innovative technology extracts the increasingly valuable metal from wastewater produced in existing oil and gas operations

Common logics in oil and gas

Understanding how organizations in the oil and gas sector have evolved over 80 years can help shape future directions for energy systems

Algorithms for fairness and control in energy systems

New energy sources and demands are putting fierce new pressures on our energy grid and, without adaptation, our access is at risk

Researchers brewing up better ways to turn plant waste into ethanol

Biorefining process also creates high-value cellulose nanocrystals with several industrial applications

Project to create jet fuel from biowaste gets federal funding boost

Industrial project based on innovative U of A research could provide a supply of renewable fuel while creating a new market for Alberta agricultural and food producers

Researchers are refining recipes for biochar that benefits industry and the environment

Product produced from agricultural and forestry waste has uses ranging from reclaiming wastewater to capturing carbon and decontaminating soil

Nanotechnology innovation in water recycling could significantly reduce industrial use of freshwater

Advance in water filtration technology has applications everywhere from the energy industry and agriculture to municipal water treatment

The true costs of hydroelectric power, now and in the future

Hydropower is Canada’s biggest electricity supplier, but high cost overruns mean its future market share may lose out against other renewables

Untangling the web of model behaviours

Understanding the future of energy systems brings together technology, environment, policy, and society - and it’s only getting more complex

Guiding the way

Engaging the next generation matters, which is why Future Energy Systems, WISEST, and Cybermentor came together to create a new Girl Guides STEM challenge

Calibrating community spirit and quantifying greenhouse gas emissions

Future Energy Systems researchers Neelakshi Joshi and Nilusha Welegedara are uncovering the role communities can play in enabling the energy transition

Renewing a Global Energy Research Partnership

Tsinghua University and the University of Alberta renew clean energy research partnership

U of A researchers leading new charge in battery research

Redox flow battery technology has promising applications for storing energy from renewable sources.

Crossing the technology ‘valley of death’

GreenSTEM fellows Bing Cao and Zhongyi Quan are embracing entrepreneurship to ensure their work will benefit society

Canadian Wind Turbine Database shows us where the wind power in Canada comes from

Future Energy Systems student William Noel spearheaded effort now being released by Natural Resources Canada

Putting wind in our sails

Future Energy Systems researchers queried rural Alberta landowners to find out why wind power isn’t breezing into widespread use –– and learned how to propel it further

Collaborative co-design could be key to better environmental decision-making: study

More communicative public engagement style on complex environmental issues leads to best outcomes when science, economics, and social factors are all weighed

Capturing attention by capturing carbon

Energy Talk by Arvind Rajendran describes how we can increase our society’s capacity for carbon capture

We can't afford to forget the north

Future Energy Systems researchers are demonstrating how energy systems are connected to social issues and homelessness in northern Indigenous communities

Solutions for oil wells and society

Future Energy Systems researcher Juliana Leung is using subsurface engineering to find a social solution for our oil addiction

Energy Talks shares learning on current affairs

Future Energy Systems researcher Dr. Hao Tian explains alternating and direct currents and how they affect our electrical grid in July's Energy Talk with the Edmonton Public Library

Improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions would save money for oilsands producers: study

Researchers looked at 15 strategies that would decrease sector’s energy use intensity, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and found increased profits from all of them.

Finding common ground on climate change

Future Energy Systems Principal Investigator Arman Hemmati talks about the facts of Climate Change during TEDx UAlberta

In the age of COVID-19, can Alberta transition to a more sustainable economy?

University of Alberta economic and business experts weigh in.

U of A ranked among world’s top energy research universities

University of Alberta lands in top 50 in three energy-related subjects—including eighth in petroleum engineering—in updated QS rankings.

Investing in green future easier said than done for Alberta, say economists

Capitalizing on an educated workforce and taking a hard look at taxation would help the province diversify its post-pandemic economy, according to two U of A experts.

Scientists develop paper-based sensors for carbon dioxide

New sensor has potential applications for smart buildings and industry.

Faster tools we all need

Machine learning will accelerate carbon capture technology development - and more

U of A economists see COVID-19 as global problem in our backyard

From policy responses to implications on the global scale, researchers are closely watching an unprecedented pandemic.

What’s certain about (caribou) death and taxes?

Future Energy Systems HQP Zhanji Zhang focused his Masters on using economics to try to save the caribou, and the answer may lie in avoiding taxes

Director's Message: COVID-19

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

Don’t oversimplify conversations about how we power our lives

When we recognize that energy systems completely influence every aspect of our lives, it becomes more difficult to argue that we can simply change nothing at all, or everything at once.

Energy Talks connects communities to the realities of energy systems

Yesterday, Future Energy Systems Masters students Andrea Miller and Sonak Patel connected communities with energy, in more ways than one.

Getting the Research to the Real World

If a researcher speaks and no one hears it, does their work still make an impact?

Shining different lights on photocatalysis

Future Energy Systems researcher Karthik Shankar leads a group of engineers looking at light-powered conversions, from a few different angles

Major investment from Shell helps U of A biofuel spinoff company build commercial-scale production plant

New facility is expected to produce 25 million litres of renewable biofuels annually.

Applying the scientific method to labour markets

After years of working on labour markets during energy booms and busts, Future Energy Systems economist Joseph Marchand is expanding his focus to include energy transitions

Future Energy Systems and Edmonton Public Library launch new lecture series

Energy Talks will bring UAlberta's latest energy research to libraries across Edmonton

Are microchips a good metaphor for energy?

Is exponential progress in energy technology a guarantee?

Newly developed screening processes will help accelerate carbon capture research

Future Energy Systems researchers are helping make carbon capture more efficient, screening 120,000 carbon capturing solids in hours –– instead of thousands of years.

New technique could accelerate waste-to-methane production

Future Energy Systems researchers find ways to turn waste fat, oil and grease into a supply of renewable energy

FES community members aboard Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS752

In memoriam

Art exhibition explores energy futures

Future Energy Systems art exhibition asks visitors to speculate about an energy future for everyone

Polarizing language creating gridlock in energy debate

Lightening up and avoiding hot-button labels could foster more rational discussion of Canada’s energy future, says engineering professor trained in rhetorical analysis.

Together for the challenge

Viola Birss and Jingli Luo had been collaborating for years when the UAlberta-UCalgary CFREF partnership gave them the chance to go big on carbon capture and utilization

Future Energy Systems at SPARK 2019

Emissions Reducation Alberta hosts SPARK conference, 'Carbon+'

New technique could help decontaminate oil sands waste water

Method developed by U of A engineering researchers removes one of the main toxins in water used for bitumen extraction

Inviting diversity can improve research outcomes

Gendered Innovations founder Dr. Londa Schiebinger visits the University of Alberta for an event co-hosted by the Energy Systems signature area

Research is to help people

Future Energy Systems Post-Doctoral Fellow Gloria Okpala has studied on three continents, and hopes to use research to make a better world

After energy, reclaim the land

Land Reclamation International Graduate School enters new era with Emerald Award

Cooperating to advance global energy systems

Tsinghua University researchers visit the University of Alberta to discuss joint energy research projects

Don’t underrate undergraduate research

Inclusivity at every level is vital in pushing research forward

Students prepare for the complexity of energy transition

Future Energy Systems students join international counterparts at ABBY-Net summer school to develop interdisciplinary energy transition solutions

Knowing each other's energy

Future Energy Systems geothermal research ranges from mechanical engineering to anthropology –– and it’s all connected.

Falling Walls Lab 2019 impresses with breakthrough research

For Makenzie MacKay, Marina Lazic, and Bandita Deka Kalita, three minutes on stage could be enough time to change the world

Federal funding propels U of A researcher’s project turning biowaste into jet fuel

Bioresource scientist David Bressler’s work among 23 projects receiving $27 million from Western Economic Diversification Canada.

New funding to probe interfacial properties

Future Energy Systems researcher and Canada Research Chair Hongbo Zeng receives new CFI funding for interfacial properties research

Hybrid geothermal power plant being built in Swan Hills

Future Energy Systems scientists partner with Razor Energy to retrofit geothermal energy onto an existing oil and gas battery

Why meeting researchers really matters

Future Energy Systems research personnel gain skills and battle misinformation through public outreach.

Community energy big renewable opportunity for rural Canada

U of A project could inspire municipalities, landowners and Indigenous communities

Spinning up electric buses

Flywheels could charge City of Edmonton electric buses faster, changing the way sustainable transit is powered in Canada and around the world

Study of microbes essential to help solve climate change problems, say scientists

Microorganisms play critical role in climate change, both producing and consuming greenhouse gases, argues Future Energy Systems researcher.

Renewable energy projects must benefit the people who live next to them

U of A researchers discuss options for Alberta’s energy future at sold-out Calgary Central Library event

Celebrating UAlberta Energy Week

Future Energy Systems personnel help launch the University of Alberta's new Energy Systems signature area

Signature area will build on U of A expertise in current and future energy sources

University launches ‘Energy Systems’ bringing together 500 experts to drive research and teaching.

Wireless sensors, wireless power

Future Energy Systems researcher Pedram Mousavi and his team are leveraging their smart home technologies to make energy production more efficient

From key strengths to global excellence

Last week Future Energy Systems hosted administrators from 18 programs funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund

UAlberta hosts the fourth FES-GRI Joint Research Workshop

Working together for a better energy future

Giving pipelines some teeth

Future Energy Systems Principal Investigator Arman Hemmati conducts renewable energy research while seeking to reduce the GHG emissions from bitumen pipelines

Inaugural Director Larry Kostiuk named Dean of Engineering and Design at Carleton University

Boots on common ground

Future Energy Systems PhD students Maggie Cascadden and Kylie Heales are researching ways to bring companies and communities together on environmental projects

Eleven Future Energy Systems researchers awarded new government funding

Alberta Innovates has announced that 34 projects will receive $25.1 million through the Government of Alberta's Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework

Guest Blog: Petrocultures 2018

Special guest post from the research team working in the Future Energy Systems Energy Humanities theme.

First Indigenous woman to graduate with PhD in engineering from U of A finds true calling

Oilsands remediation expert Chelsea Benally fulfils lifelong dream to help the environment after being sidetracked.

Machine learning in Ghana

Future Energy Systems Post-Doctoral Fellow Lawrence Adutwum is sharing his machine learning expertise on two continents

Shaping the Future of Energy at Berlin Science Week

FES researchers participate in internationally-renowned event to promote science and the future of energy

Future Energy Systems One: A Plasma Car Story

A totally serious account of how the Future Energy Systems administrative team participated in the University of Alberta’s United Way Plasma Car Derby

Director M. Anne Naeth awarded the University Cup

Highest honour available at the University of Alberta bestowed for outstanding teaching, research, and service

Standing room only at the second annual Future Energy Systems Open House

Breaking down the barriers between disciplines was the theme of the second annual Future Energy Systems Open House.

Around the world in 120 days: One student’s quest to bring renewable energy technology back home

U of A master’s student travels the world to learn more about how to bring geothermal technology to Canada.

Bring back the bugs

Future Energy Systems PhD candidate Stephanie Chute-Ibsen is heading to Berlin to pitch a new perspective on land reclamation

Breaking down the walls of energy

Future Energy Systems was well-represented last night at the fifth annual UAlberta Falling Walls Lab –– one of the only competitions of its kind in Canada.

Exploring Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Technology

Technology from oilsands waste could help support grid and store energy

Future Energy Systems partners with NAIT, ATCO, and Siemens for Distributed Energy Management Initiative

Two Future Energy Systems research teams will utilize cutting-edge NAIT facility

Machine learning, and how it helps make discoveries much more quickly

Future Energy Systems Investigators use new methods to accelerate research

Open Doors: Ultra-Low Temperature Stirling Engines for Geothermal Energy

Second Open Doors Lab entices all to learn about mechanical engineering research

M. Anne Naeth named new Director of Future Energy Systems

Award-winning land reclamation professor appointed as next leader of $75-million UAlberta research initiative

All we can reclaim

The importance and impacts of energy have shaped the life and career of newly-named Future Energy Systems Director M. Anne Naeth

Seven new joint energy projects with Tsinghua University

U of A researchers will receive funding to send students to China’s leading research intensive university

Open Doors: Genetically-engineered bacteria for biofuels

Tours of lab spaces allow FES researchers and HQP to explore new areas of energy systems research

Future Energy Systems at the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Research Symposium

Two FES HQP bring home prizes for best presentation

Leaving Future Energy Systems

Director Larry Kostiuk and HQP Alex Hunt followed different paths from the Northwest Territories to Future Energy Systems. Now they’re both moving on.

Assessing energy technologies over lunch

Second Future Energy Systems Lunch and Learn examined technology viability

Can’t stop the engines

Technology that could generate emissions-free power from Alberta’s geothermal reservoirs is full of lessons for Future Energy Systems graduate students

Machine learning over lunch

Advancing research, while you eat

Decontaminate your water with... chicken feathers

University of Alberta researchers who used chicken feathers to remove arsenic from water are now targeting contamination from current and future energy technologies

Future energy storage turns on flywheel technology

Perhaps one of the most vexing challenges in energy systems is energy storage. We have unlimited power from wind, the sun, and mighty rivers—but despite major advances in recent decades, our energy storage technology is still insufficient.

How to pipeline straw for biofuels

Researchers find a way to ship straw and lumber through pipelines

Using artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic to help plan the future of energy

Aminah Robinson Fayek’s research will help planners make informed decisions about the future of energy.

Smarter engines, cleaner fuels

On exchange in Germany, Future Energy Systems HQP David Gordon is developing control systems that could make renewable fuels more practical in our vehicle engines

How bacteria could help turn a potent greenhouse gas into renewable fuel

UAlberta technology could recycle methane emissions and reduce hydrocarbon extraction

There’s more than enough solar power to meet our energy needs: the problem is storing it

Future Energy Systems scientists’ work on solar fuels may help solve storage problems

Carbon capture and storage could still play a major role in mitigating emissions

U of A researchers are studying the challenging technology and finding options for captured carbon.

Understanding how society will change as we move to renewable energy sources

University of Alberta researchers are imagining how society will change after hydrocarbons are replaced with renewable energy.

Future Energy Systems on the 2018 Earth Hour Race

Supporting Earth Hour and raising awareness

Why the future of global energy is local

With no one-size-fits-all energy source, the transition from fossil fuels to renewables may look different from region to region.

Standing Room Only

More than 200 people participated in the first annual Future Energy Systems Research Symposium

Leaving bacteria behind

Future Energy Systems student Catherine Tays will graduate this year with a PhD in both Chemical Engineering and Biological Sciences

Controlling the wind (turbines)

How can we make sure the electricity generated by wind farms is compatible, reliable and efficient?

Leveraging the Technology Platform Partnership

Professors from Fraunhofer Society of Germany visit University of Alberta

New technology will help natural gas producers sell electricity to the grid

Future Energy Systems Researcher Ryan Li is partnering with companies and utilities to reduce emissions and open the electricity market to gas field producers

They ask, machines answer

Machine learning enables Future Energy Systems researchers to reach past traditional boundaries and speed the process of discovery

Global issues, global points of view

Understanding why people do – or don't – adopt new energy technologies is the job for an international team of graduate students

Partners in Energy

When it comes to energy research, the Universities of Alberta and Calgary are leaders in Canada -- and the world.

Students are our First Priority

In January we will begin profiling the Highly Qualified Personnel at the heart of the Future Energy Systems program

Hitting emissions targets will take more than energy efficiency, says researcher

Efficient furnaces, appliances and lighting offer best energy-smart options for consumers.

Designing Practical Solutions for Tailings Ponds

Mohamed Gamal El-Din receives 2017 ASTech award for work on active and passive water reclamation systems

Behind the Scenes: iDoc and Future Energy Systems

Energy Humanities project will capture the perspectives of Future Energy Systems participants

Molecular handshakes for bitumen and tailings cleanup

Newly-named Canada Research Chair Hongbo Zeng is making polymers stick to contaminants at the molecular level

The design and impacts of resilient climate change policy

When energy systems change, policy matters.

International research partnership brings new bio-energy technology to Alberta

UAlberta establishes Technology Platform partnership with Germany’s Fraunhofer Society

More than 200 attend Future Energy Systems Inaugural Open House

Yesterday, Future Energy Systems hosted an inaugural Open House showcasing more than 40 posters from its research program.

New $2.5 million investment in UAlberta smart grid lab

Professor Ryan Li receives CFI funding to develop smart grid technology

A new phase in the China-Canada energy research partnership

Future Energy System researchers work with visiting Tsinghua University delegation

Future Energy Systems welcomes German delegation from the Helmholtz Association

Members of the Future Energy Systems research group played an important role during the visit of a delegation from the Helmholtz Association to the University of Alberta this week.

Solving the energy crisis, one carbon dioxide molecule at a time

UAlberta chemist on the hunt for new and innovative fuels

Bacteria key to turning oil and gas emissions into biofuels

UAlberta microbiologists work to close the loop on Alberta’s legacy energy system

Bringing efficient solar cells closer to reality

Chemist Arthur Mar is using the power of machine learning to better harness the sun’s power

Pilot project in geothermal energy comes to Hinton, AB

Alternative energy systems the next hottest thing in Alberta

Searching for the secret of the 24-hour solar cell

Chemists looking at wide variety of materials to power a low carbon world

Geophysicsts go underground to investigate the future for geothermal energy

Hot water is additional key to drive oil-and-gas-driven economy out of hot water

Exploring worldwide energy systems change

First Future Energy Systems conference examines global energy transition

Just the Beginning

Funding for the University of Alberta's $75-million Future Energy Systems research initiative was announced one year ago

Starting from Scratch

Funding the low carbon transition

David Brown and Andrew Eckert receive Future Energy Systems research grants

Funding announcement: Department of Economics

Chinese partnerships bolster energy and environment research, economic diversification

UAlberta partners with Tsinghua University to create Joint Research Centre for Future Energy and Environment during recent Alberta mission.

UAlberta awarded $75 million for energy research

Government of Canada investment establishes the Future Energy Systems Research Institute