Construction Simulation

Canada Research Chair in Operations Simulation

Simaan AbouRizk, PhD, PEng, FRSC, is a Distinguished University Professor and Canada Research Chair in Operations Simulation at the University of Alberta. Dr. AbouRizk received his PhD from Purdue University. Later that year, he accepted a faculty position at the University of Alberta, where he focused his research efforts on advancing simulation modeling and analysis of construction processes. 

He has since become a renowned expert in computer simulation for construction planning, productivity improvement, constructability review, and risk analysis. The impact of his research work is evidenced by his receipt of numerous awards and recognitions, including the Peurifoy Construction Research Award; a EWR Steacie Memorial Fellowship; the Thomas Fitch Rowland Prize; a Killam Professorship; and his induction into the Canadian Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Construction, and the Royal Society of Canada.

Over the last 20 years, Dr. AbouRizk and his research team have focused on advancing simulation modeling for improved project management and control. This has resulted in the foundation of several long-standing industrial research partnerships and in the development of numerous simulation tools and strategies that have been implemented throughout the industrial construction sector in Alberta, Canada.

The success and distinctiveness of Dr. AbouRizk’s research program are a consequence of his strong industrial research partnerships that are focused on advancing research, teaching, and overall practice. This collaborative approach has garnered widespread support from numerous funding agencies, policy makers, and industrial practitioners.