NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Control of Oil Sands Processes

NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Control of Oil Sands Processes is a major strategic initiative taken by the University of Alberta. The program is a partnership between Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Cenovus FCCL Ltd., Emerson Process Management, Spartan Controls Ltd, Suncor Energy Inc., Syncrude Canada Ltd. and the University of Alberta.

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Objective of the Program

The oil sands industry is facing increasing pressure to reduce emissions, improve oil recovery, and increase efficiency. Effective solutions to process control problems are essential to achieving these goals. The proposed NSERC-Industry Research Chair in Control of Oil Sands Processes is aimed at developing solutions that will lead to innovative estimation, control and optimization technologies.

The objective of the Chair is to establish one of the best process control research and education programs in Canada and to build a world-class process control research center at the University of Alberta. Through the IRC program, we will also extend the breadth and depth of Canada's oil sands expertise by creating a pool of highly trained engineers in process systems engineering. Our integrated program will enable collaboration with industry to convert research outcomes into implemented solutions, and train highly qualified personnel with excellent job prospects. As a result, Canada will be well-positioned to meet its future energy needs.

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Introduction to NSERC Senior IRC in Control of Oil Sands Processes

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News on Jan. 12, 2017:

Spartan donated Delta V predictive control software (valued $31,846) to support the research laboratory of NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Control of Oil Sands Processes at the University of Alberta

June, 2018

Petroleum Experts has donated Integrated Production Modelling toolkit (IPM) equivalent of £1,335,161.50 to the University of Alberta through this IRC program