Lobbying Support and Requirements

The Office of Government and Community Relations oversees the university's compliance with the federal Lobbying Act and submissions to the federal Registry of Lobbyists and, in keeping with the Act, is required to report on all government interactions within 15 days after the end of every month.

What is Lobbying?

A Lobbyist is anyone (in-house or consultant) who is paid to communicate with a public office holder for the purpose of lobbying.

The Act defines lobbying as communication, with public office holders, for payment with regard to:

  • the making, development or amendment of federal legislative proposals, bills or resolutions, regulations, policies or programs;
  • the awarding of federal grants, contributions or other financial benefits; and
  • in the case of consultant lobbyists, the awarding of a federal government contract and arranging a meeting between their client and a public office holder.

Lobbying communication can include phone conversations, in person meetings, teleconferences, letters and e-mails.


Failure to comply with the Act may result in a fine, imprisonment or prohibition on lobbying for a period of time. If you or representatives from your office are engaged in lobbying as defined under the Lobbying Act, please contact us at government.relations@ualberta.ca to ensure compliance with the Act.

All University of Alberta lobbyists are also required to comply with the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct to ensure compliance with ethical lobbying practices.

Online Lobby Communication Reporting Form

All monthly lobbying communications reports are to be submitted using an online form developed for this purpose. For access to the form, please contact us at government.relations@ualberta.ca.

Training sessions on the online form are available upon request.

Monthly Lobby Communication Reporting - Faculty or Departmental Contact

Each faculty or department has an assigned individual who receives and responds to the monthly notifications issued by the Office of Government and Community Relations. Please contact us if you are unsure of your contact.