University of Alberta Women's Club

Welcome to the website of the University of Alberta Women’s Club!

For the past 89 years, we have been known as the Faculty Women’s Club (the FWC). At our Annual General Meeting in May 2022, we officially adopted our new name: the University of Alberta Women’s Club (the UAWC). We are now an even more inclusive place for women associated with the University of Alberta.

Our criteria for membership have been enlarged and are explained in the Membership section (see link below and on the left). If you see yourself within that fairly broad definition, please join us! We are a purely social group, gathering in a variety of Interest Groups, weekly and monthly, and gathering for some larger get-togethers often with guest speakers.

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The membership fee is $60.00 per year. Our Membership page is where you will find all the details on eligibility. 

Contact Us

In the interest of privacy we do not publish contact information for our members or executive committee.

Please refer to the members directory, or you may contact the President or Membership Secretary if you need further information.