Fond memories and lifelong friends: Beloved clinic staff member says farewell after 30 years

Q&A with long-time Glen Sather Clinic staff member Susan Querengesser

Rehab Med Communications - 11 September 2020

Congratulations on your retirement, Susan! How does it feel to be retired?
As I’m sure most new retirees would say, "It feels great!" 

Did you have a retirement celebration with coworkers? 
I had a COVID-safe retirement lunch at the clinic, which was kindly hosted by Dr. Marni Wesner and the crew, complete with individual noodle boxes, a homemade cake from Dr. Seana Minnett, and many lovely gifts and tributes.

That sounds really nice! What are some of your plans for retirement?
I was advised to follow the four Rs: read, roam, run and relax!

I love that I can now do my early morning run on my own time. I love traveling and look forward to going further abroad when things settle down. This summer I have enjoyed staycations in our mountains. It’s truly a treat to not have to be at work just after 6:00 a.m.!

How long were you with the Glen Sather Clinic?
I started at the Glen Sather Clinic in September 1989 and I retired July 1, 2020. 

What is your most fond memory of working at the clinic?
Fond memories include clinic celebrations for the holidays, the move from the basement of the Van Vliet Centre to our current location, celebrating four Grey Cup wins by my favorite EE team and meeting colleagues who became lifelong friends.    

How did you support the clinic? What were your day-to-day tasks?
My primary duties included reception and physiotherapy schedules, and I was able to provide relief for coworkers in their positions. No two days were alike, and I learned quickly how to multitask and pivot. 

When I started, we used pencils and appointment books. Transitioning through the introduction of computer bookings, debit machines and many evolutions of software are reminders that I am older than I admit! 

What's one of the most exciting experiences you had while working at the clinic?
One of the benefits of working at the front desk was being able to meet legendary Canadian athletes, performers,  premiers and even a prime minister! But I have a soft spot for the clinic regulars who I got to know through the years. 

What will you miss most about the Glen Sather Clinic now that you're retired?
I will miss laughing with colleagues, walks to Timmy's and that feeling of being on campus, which keeps you young at heart!


Congratulations on your retirement, Susan! All the best from your colleagues at the Glen Sather Clinic and Rehab Med!