Christina Le

What is your role at the Glen Sather Clinic?

I have been a physiotherapist and member of our multidisciplinary knee team at the Glen Sather Clinic since 2015. I’m fortunate to work closely with our amazing sport medicine physicians and orthopaedic knee surgeons on a regular basis. Having been on our knee team for a long time, I primarily see people with knee injuries, especially anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.

What did you study and where?

I recently completed my PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Alberta in January 2023. My PhD research focused on understanding and restoring quality of life in young athletes with a variety of knee injuries. I also hold a Master of Science in Physical Therapy (2011) and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (2009) from the University of Alberta. I’ve taken a number of continuing education courses spanning from functional dry needling to prevention of running injuries.

What are your key areas of interest as a physiotherapist?

Knees, knees, knees! After years of treating people with ACL injuries and researching knee injuries in my PhD, I ironically ruptured my ACL and MCL in 2017! I can empathize with the challenges associated with a long rehabilitation journey. My work, research, and patient experiences have shaped my treatment approach which includes 1) using evidence-based practices, 2) addressing physical and mental aspects of rehab, and 3) educating and empowering patients.

Do you have any specific research interests and publications?

My work wife (Linda Truong) and I presented about the FAST Program at the Sportfisio Swiss Conference in 2022: Watch video on YouTube.

Additionally, I was asked to talk about quality of life and osteoarthritis after a knee injury for ACL Study Day as part of their Patient Perspectives in ACL Injury and Rehab. All of these presentations are free to watch.

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My publications
Published papers
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My publications that are under review

  1. Le CY, Pajkic A, Losciale JM, Filbay SR, Emery CA, Manns, PJ, & Whittaker JL. Comparing short-term knee-related quality of life and other relevant clinical outcomes between youth with and without a sport-related knee injury. Clin J Sport Med. 

  2. Le CY, Filbay SR, Emery CA, Manns PJ, & Whittaker JL. Youth with a sport-related knee injury exhibit significant and persistent knee-related quality of life deficits at 12-month follow-up compared to uninjured peers. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther.

What are your favourite ways to stay active?

I played soccer all my life but retired after my ACL injury. Now I play hockey (although not very well), snowboard, and go to the gym. I also joined the Peloton cult during the pandemic and love it!

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a physiotherapist and/or athlete?

Surviving my PhD is my biggest life accomplishment in general! I also played varsity soccer with the University of Alberta Pandas from 2007-2011 and captained our team in my final year.

What days/hours are you at the clinic?

Wednesday afternoons/evenings from 1:00pm to 7:00pm.