Tuition and Fees

Fee Estimates

These pages provide information and advice about fees to graduate students, including details about Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer fees, cost of living, and information about your fee status and fee liability. 

The sample fee assessments provided on this website are examples only. Please use them as a general guideline. Not all programs follow the same fee structure. If you are unsure about your program fee structure, we recommend you consult the non-standard fees list or contact your department.

Please note: The University of Alberta is introducing a new tuition model for international students. The model will be in place for international students who enroll in new programs starting in Fall 2020. The new program-based tuition model will allow international students to know the total tuition cost of their program at the time of their admission to the University of Alberta. For more information, please visit:

Students can view their Official Fee Assessments in real time on Bear Tracks

  • Financials - Fee assessment (to view courses and associated fees);
  • Financials - Account Details (to view fee types and payments received).

Check Your Fee Assessment Regularly!

It is very important to check your Bear Tracks account regularly. Due to system configuration and changes, student fees may be recalculated throughout the term.

Please notify as soon as possible if you are concerned about your fee assessment being either too high or too low in value.


Payment and Deadlines

Students are responsible for finding out the correct amount of fees owing and paying this amount on or before the fee payment deadline.

Student Tuition Payment Options are available on the Financial Services website. For more information on Fees Payment, see the Fees Payment Guide of the University Calendar.

Note that paying Fall and Winter fees per term, adds $40 to your Winter assessment. Similarly, paying Spring and Summer fees separately, adds $40 to your Summer assessment.

Graduate students appointed to teaching or research assistantships will have outstanding tuition balances automatically deducted from their paycheques. See the Payroll Deductions section for further details.