Tuition and Fees

Payroll Deductions

Automatic Deduction of Outstanding Fees and Tuition

The University's payroll system automatically deducts outstanding tuition and fees from the paycheques of all graduate students covered under the Graduate Student Assistantship Collective Agreement:

  • Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) (including Principal Instructors)
  • Graduate Research Assistants (GRA)
  • Graduate Research Assistant Fellowships (GRAF)

This facility is offered only to students covered by the aforementioned agreement and it is not available to students employed through any other form of University employment or external scholarship holders.

Tuition payroll deductions start from the second paycheque of each term in which the graduate student is covered by the collective agreement. That is, any Fall tuition owing as of October 1 will be deducted from the student's October, November and December paycheques in six installments (semi-monthly pay processing commenced effective July, 2012). As the first cheque in October reflects earnings from September 15 to 30, the first deductions for Fall term will be from pay that is earned in the last 15 days of September.

Winter tuition owing as of February 1 will be automatically deducted from the student's February, March, and April paycheques in six installments.The first deduction for Winter term will be on the first February paycheque which will reflect pay from work earned from January 15 to January 31.

For Spring, students will have three automatic deductions from their paycheques, from the end of May to the end of June.

For Summer, students will have three automatic deductions from their paycheques, from the end of July to the end of August.

Please note: Students cannot exempt themselves from this payroll deduction.

Full tuition for the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms must be paid by the respective term deadlines in order to have no fees deducted from their paycheque.

Information on fee payment deadlines and payment options can be found on the Financial Services website. Students will receive notifications from Financial Services regarding the tuition balance. In most cases, this is for information only. However, if an outstanding balance should exist at the end of the term, the student is responsible for paying it.

Graduate Tuition Payroll Deduction Dates for Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Fall Term

Pay Period

Pay Date Deduction?
September 1 - 15 September 25 No
September 16 - 30 October 10 Yes
October 1 - 15 October 25 Yes
October 16 - 31 November 10 Yes
November 1 - 15 November 24 Yes
November 16 - 30  December 8 Yes
December 1 - 15 December 22 Yes
December 16 - 31 January 10 No

 Winter Term

Pay Period

Pay Date


January 1 - 15 January 25 No
January 16 - 31 February 10 Yes
February 1 - 15 February 25 Yes
February 16 - 28 March 9
March 1 - 15 March 23 Yes
March 16 - 31 April 10 Yes
April 1 - 15 April 25 Yes
April 16 - 30 May 10 No