U of A prioritizing mental health as we mark World Mental Health Day

Jon Pullin - 11 October 2022

With World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10, we’re putting the spotlight on the University of Alberta’s College of Health Sciences contributions to research in mental health.

“Our health sciences faculties have exceptional bench strength in studying and translating research findings in mental health,” says Greta Cummings, Dean of the College of Health Sciences. “Mental health research continues to be a crucial component of the full spectrum of health and wellness, and we are proud of the many ways our mental health innovations are making life better for individuals, families and communities.” 

Here are just six of the many mental health innovations and resources from the College of Health Sciences:

The university offers a number of services to support community members who may be going through a difficult time. Any student interested in volunteering to support their community can also find opportunities here: