Volunteer with Wellness Supports

Are you interested in Student health and wellbeing, and want to make an impact within our campus community?  Wellness Supports has two different student volunteer opportunities available: Health Promotion and Unitea.

Health Promotion

Student staff and volunteers work collaboratively to focus on Health Promotion initiatives divided amongst 3 working groups (Newsletters, Outreach and Alcohol Awareness) gaining experience in program planning and implementation, while working alongside like minded people who are passionate about growing a healthier campus that meets the needs of our diverse campus both mentally and physically.

Get Involved


Unitea volunteers participating in the Wellness Supports’ Unitea program bolster student mental health through social connection in two ways: one-to-one and collective tea time. As Unitea volunteers, students develop skills and experience in supportive conversations, group facilitation, resource referrals, planning and carrying out outreach and program-related activities, and teamwork.

Volunteer with Unitea