The Dossetor Centre reaches out to scholars, students, health-care practitioners, clinical ethics committee members, health-care administrators, patients and their families, media and the general public through:

  • Health Ethics Seminar Series
  • Health Ethics Symposium
  • Issues in Health Ethics Series
  • Grand Rounds
  • Health Ethics Today, a newsletter published two to three times per year with a local, provincial, national, and international distribution list, including all medical doctors across Alberta.
  • Media contacts to discuss health ethics topics in the news

The Dossetor Centre has also developed a partnership with Alberta Health Services to provide support to the clinical ethicists and clinical ethics committees for the University of Alberta Hospital, the Stollery Children's Hospital and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute.

Conducting research on a broad spectrum of ethical, moral and human-rights issues, including:

  • clinical practice
  • compassion
  • disability ethics
  • human rights
  • mental health
  • moral distress
  • health policy
  • gender issues
  • public health
  • relational and reproduction ethics
  • neonatology-perinatology
  • professionalism

Teaching health ethics to students of all levels across many faculties at the University of Alberta. Education opportunities include:

  • INT D 570: Healthcare Ethics
  • INT D 670: Research Ethics
  • Medical Sub-Specialty Ethics Teaching
  • CanMEDS Selective in Ethics and Communications
  • Undergraduate Medical Student Elective, An Experience in Bioethics

Health Ethics News

  • In press - Moral Distress and Other Wellness Measures in Canadian Critical Care Physicians with Co-Author, Daniel Garros

    January 08, 2021

    To understand the magnitude of moral distress and other measures of wellness in Canadian critical care physicians, to determine any associations among these measures, and to identify potentially modifiable factors.

  • New Book - The Birth of Ethics by Michael van Manen

    January 07, 2021

    From the time of conception, through the gestation of pregnancy, to the birth of a newborn child exists an extraordinary, emergent ethics. How does this ethics come into being when a child is conceived? How does the appearance of ethics in pregnancy differ from its emergence after birth? How does the original meaning of ethics relate to modern morality in decision making?

  • New publication by Michael van Manen and Max van Manen, Editors, Classic Writings for a Phenomenology of Practice

    January 07, 2021

    Classic Writings for a Phenomenology of Practice features examples of newly translated classic phenomenological texts that have been largely forgotten or misunderstood. The writings are unique in that they speak to the practice of doing phenomenological research for the purpose of gaining insights and better understandings regarding aspects of professional practice and ordinary life phenomena and events.

  • Tracey Bailey discusses COVID-19 and the Rule of Law on the Rule of Law Matters Podcast

    January 07, 2021

    Health lawyer Tracey Bailey and host Jon Festinger examine our rights and freedoms in the midst of a pandemic. Tracey walked us through some of the differences in legislation in BC and Alberta as it relates to emergency powers and explained the relationship between the medical officer and government officials. They also touched on some hot topics, like the orders that limit gatherings in our private homes, rules around mask wearing, and what fair vaccine distribution might look like.

  • Keynote Presentation Video from Health Ethics Symposium 2020

    December 24, 2020

    Keynote Presentation Video - "This isn't right!": The Call to Moral Responsibility and Its Intrinsic Challenge, Moral Distress by Wendy Austin & Daniel Garros from Health Ethics Symposium, MORAL DISTRESS: Caring for Those Who Care.

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Health Ethics Today is a publication of the John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre. The journal focuses on ethical issues in healthcare. Health Ethics Today endeavors to promote ethical reflection and education on matters of moral concern in healthcare.

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