About Us

The Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Student Society (KSRSS) is group of student representatives that organizes social, academic and charitable events to improve student life and community development. Through dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm, KSRSS will be recognized University wide as cohesive and outstanding student group on campus based on the strong leadership of the members, and the social, physical, academic, and charitable events held by this group. KSRSS will create a sense of pride among the Faculty and respect that echoes campus wide through their continual commitment to enriching the student experience and inspiring all members of the Faculty in their quest for success and achievement.

Join us at the KSRSS Office (Van Vliet 2-335) and say hi, gather info about upcoming events, or just hang out!

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Students in Graduation Gowns Outside

Each year we organize a banquet. It's held at the Faculty Club on campus just south of Stadium Parkade. It's a magical night with your colleagues, great food, inspirational speeches, and an awesome DJ'd dance.

The event will be advertised through all KSRSS social media pages, and email accounts. Tickets are available for purchase in the KSRSS office. Be sure to check your UAlberta email for information regarding convocation activities.

Group on mountain with snow

Ski, Snowboard, and No-Board Trip

Calling all mountain lovers! KSRSS Ski, Snowboard and No-Board Trip is hosted annually by the KSRSS Council and provides an opportunity to shred the mountains with fellow KSR students. Two busloads of KSR students head off to the mountains in January for a weekend of meeting people, great views and great snow. If you are not interested in taking to the slopes of skis or a board, you are welcome to still join.

KSRSS Executives

President - Brennon Colgan

Vice President Finance - Erin Higa

Vice President Social - Clarrence Romaguera

Vice President Internal - Riley Coyes

Vice President External - Robbie Fontoura

Vice President Academic - Danan Kalra

Vice President Graduation - Chloe Houle

Events Promotion - Hayden Sotheran

Intramural Rep - Kendel Przyswitt

Intramural Rep - Connor Merritt

Graduation Rep - Emelyn Lantos

Social media/Communications - Brooke Degner

Academic Rep - Keanne Kesslar

Academic Rep - Halli-Rai Delorey

Community Outreach RepEva Kuefler