Preserving Field Recordings of Ukrainian-Canadian Folklore for New Performance

Folklore Lunch presentation by Olga Zaitseva-Herz

22 October 2018

Olga Zaitseva-HerzThis presentation is based on fieldwork recordings made by Dr. Robert B. Klymasz with Ukrainian immigrants in Canada in the 1960s. Robert Klymasz's collection contains the oldest known sound recordings of Ukrainian Canadians.

In this presentation, Olga will discuss the methods and protocols necessary for gaining access to and digitizing these historical recordings. She will also describe features of her own creative research in arranging these voices and musical materials for use in contemporary performance contexts. For a video preview please see

Ukrainian head accessory was recreated for the performing part of Olga's project according to the archival pictures made in the village of Kornych near Ivano-Frankivs'k in the 1930s.