Beyond Kalyna, Blueberries and Hazelnuts

8 February 2024

Folklore Lunch: Beyond Kalyna, Blueberries and Hazelnuts

Presented by Karen Slevinsky, Guest Lecturer

March 1, 2024 | 12pm MST | Arts Student Lounge, Old Arts Bldg. 

In-person presentation.  

*Fully booked* 
We are now fully booked for this presentation. 

Karen Slevinsky, President of the Alberta Mycological Society will share stories with us from her Ukrainian heritage about what to forage, when and how to forage - with a specific focus on local wild mushrooms. She will introduce us to a variety of mushrooms and teach us how to refine our diet and enhance our experience foraging Edmonton’s river valley. Recipes will be available to take home after the presentation. 

Karen is the consummate educator, having been in the education system for more than 40 years.  There is nothing she likes more than an audience.  Her formal education includes a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Science, and a Master of Education.  Informally, Karen has spent much time learning the fungi and flowers found in Edmonton’s river valley.  Currently, she is the President of the Alberta Mycological Society, which provides forays, expositions and citizen science projects for its members. Karen also comes from a rural Ukrainian family that spent a good amount of time gathering in the bush in Kalyna country, Alberta.  

This is an in-person event, however the presentation will be available on our Youtube channel and our website after the event.

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