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Mini Documentary Series

These videos are a series of mini-documentaries, about various Ukrainian Canadian topics created by Legacy Films for the Friends of the Ukrainian Folklore Centre in cooperation with the Kule Folklore Centre, University of Alberta.

Mini Documentary: Lena Gushul
Mini Documentary: Elsie Kawulych
Mini Documentary: Markian Kowaliuk
Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives
Mini Documentary: Wadym Dobrolige
Mini Documentary: Vegreville Pysanka
Malanka: A Ukrainian New Year Celebration
Mini Documentary: Ukrainian Canadian Music
Rooster: A Symbol of Resilience in Ukraine
4000 Printing Blocks - Ukrainian Press Legacy Project
Ukrainian kylym as a source of inspiration in contemporary design

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SUCH (Sustainable Ukrainian Canadian Heritage) Network

Archiving 101: Introduction to Archives for Community Organizations
Introduction to Electronic Records Management
Volunteer Program in Archives
Daria Storoshchuk's presentation "Співаники через роки"
The Legend of Rudolf in the Stories About Ukrainian Immigration to Brazil
Ukrainian Folklore students' experiences at the U of A
Viter as Community