Justice Sheilah L. Martin Reception

Justice Sheilah L. Martin with David Percy

In October, the Honourable Sheilah Martin, '83 LLM, a justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, was the special guest at a reception hosted by the University of Alberta Faculty of Law for faculty, alumni and Edmonton's community of legal professionals, at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Earlier that day, Justice Martin addressed the Faculty's students, faculty and staff during a speech in which she stressed how vital the study of law is in the current age of misinformation.

The most important skills law students can learn are "how to engage in respectful debate with others when you disagree ... these skills are at the core of being contributing citizens in a vibrant democracy," she said.

Well-articulated ideas are the most powerful currency this era possesses, she added, urging all emerging lawyers to pursue and practise their facility with the legal profession's historical strengths, including reliability and credibility.

"Everyone may hope the arc of history is against tyranny, but unless we use our skills to be sure that's the case, it will not be the case." READ MORE