Mental Health & Wellness

Counselling Services

Assist provides free and confidential help to Alberta lawyers, articling students and law students and their immediate families with personal issues. As a law student, you and your immediate family are entitled to four free sessions of psychological counselling, per issue, per year. Peer support is provided to law students and articling students only.

Schedule an appointment with a psychologist either on-campus at the Law Centre or off-campus by calling 1-877-498-6898.

Support systems positively guide you into, through and out of law school. They not only help you celebrate your successes, but also feel better in times of challenge and change. The Faculty of Law actively consults and collaborates with students to develop initiatives focused on mental and emotional well-being.

Mental Health and Wellness Committee

The Mental Health and Wellness Committee helps students manage the stress and pressures of law school by promoting healthy habits and stress-reducing activities. This student-run effort provides information, leadership and support for students to improve their physical and mental well-being, often through fun study groups or educational events.

Law Wellness Activities

Law Wellness is a collaborative Faculty initiative with students to encourage lifelong strategies to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Regular self-care activities offered at no cost include yoga, stair-training and crafting.

Pet Therapy

During your time at the Law Centre you're also likely to meet a few furry friends. Thanks to the student-run Mental Health and Wellness Committee, the Chimo Animal Assisted Wellness and Learning Society offers pet therapy during high-stress times such as exam season.

Accessibility Resources

Do you require additional resources or support to learn or complete an exam? The Faculty of Law works with Accessibility Resources to ensure that law students are appropriately accommodated. We have a staff member who advises students and instructors on exam-related procedures when it comes to accessibility matters.

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Professional Counselling:
Toll Free 1-877-498-6898
24/7 (Crisis only)

Peer Support
Toll Free 1-877-737-5508