Study Abroad

Education Abroad offers programs to all U of A students, no matter their discipline. As a student in the Faculty of Law, you are eligible to apply for and participate in semester exchanges, short-term/summer programs, and international internships. Whatever your interests or goals, we have a study abroad program. Explore all of your options by checking out the Program Finder.

Why Study Abroad

Take the leap and study abroad. Earn credit toward your degree. Experience a new culture. Dive into a brilliant learning adventure!

We offer a variety of rich and diverse exchange and study abroad opportunities that give you the chance to experience a fascinating culture in a country you may have never visited before - all while studying and earning credit towards your law degree.

Benefits of Studying Abroad:

  • Provides an excellent opportunity for you to grow academically and personally

  • Improves your understanding of the broader global context in which we live and work

  • Strengthens independence and self-reliance

  • Experience another culture first hand

  • Travel the world

  • Learn and earn credit towards your U of A JD degree

Applications & Deadlines


Before You Apply

Application Information

Apply for University of Alberta International Go Abroad Programs and Funding Opportunities through the Go Abroad Portal before the end of each January. Click here for information on deadlines!